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My puppy Nugget has frequent discharge from both eyes, which apparently collects dirt, as the discharge appears clear.  A couple of times it looked a bit like some pus, but then that resolved on it's own.  His eyes are not red, do not appear to be painful or bother him.  Anyone have any ideas about why this happens or how best to treat it?

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The parents should have been tested for PRA4...as long as Mum & Dad were clear/clear or clear/carrier then you are fine.  The test is about £50.00 so it's worth first checking the paperwork as it will tell you what you need to know. 

  Has anyone had issues using advantix 2? Brady tries to hide when he sees the tube & then acts strange all day. The last time he vomited all evening.

My Ellie gets eye goobers and I frequently clean them with a dab of warm water on a soft cloth. Mostly it is from playing in the dirt and dust, natures way of cleaning the eye. Once it looked a bit grayish so I broke out the ophthalmic anti-bacterial ointment for a few days till I was sure it wasn't anything serious. The Chihuahuas get a lot of dirt in their eyes as they are closer to the ground.




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