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Do dogs need to eat grass. This is usually followed by her being sick

Molly eats grass and then is sick afterwards. Just wondering if her diet is o.k.She has raw meat and dry

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Hi Eunice

my dogs have the same diet and now and then they will eat grass sometimes they throw up afterwards but not always .If your dog is doing it a lot go to the vet

thanks... I will take her if it gets worse.

Why would one take a dog to a vet because it is eating grass? Eating grass is natural behaviour for a dog. One doesnt see it so much in urban areas because dogs have little access to long grass which is what they eat, but dogs who live in the country and have access to long grass of the coarser varieties  eat grass every day. Mine graze every morning when they are let out, it is part of their daily routine

Dogs who are fed fresh unwashed tripe also get the grass from the cow's stomach , and some older dog people will tell you its better to feed unwashed tripe because the grass is good for the dogs

Occasionally my dogs vomit after eating grass but usually they dont

Hi Christine 

I watched your youtube link very helpful thanks

i am unable i will try another pc
thanks for your reply. The meat she has is from the butcher and fit for humans. I guess it is a matter of choice. I will keep an eye on her and if worse take her down to the vets. thanks again 
thanks. Maybe I should get some fresh chicken for her? Molly is our third setter over time and the others had the same diet with no problems. Maybe she is different... quite the special lady she is
i am not worried but if it keeps up I will take her to the vet. I agree with you on the chicken bones issue, I was thinking of asking the butcher to cut up some chicken breast. Or mayhbe some lamb fillets. The dry food yes you could be right about that. Like I said I have had setters previously both from the same breeder but Molly is from QLD maybe they like to eat grass up there. She loves her lamb shanks bones...
thanks for your input

Anton and Gina eat grass to clean themselves out and then they bring it up. I fed a raw meat diet, too.


As far as chicken bones are concerned, I have been feeding raw chicken wings and necks, with no problems. Some say chicken carcasses are alright, too - I don't like them.


Just watch the lamb shanks whether they splinter (leg bones). Alternatively you could try lamb neck (not the segments, whole necks).

If you want to be careful, try to avoid weight bearing bones (these big beef bones).


No bone is safe and I always watch when they eat them - but then, I know of dogs who choked on kibble.

thanks everyone. I guess it could be a number of things.. on the bone issue she has already got some sharp bits stuck a couple of times. Hope I have not repeated my replys but I have been having trouble with my PC. the calcium lack there of could also be a issue. Molly does not excerise as much as she should just stays with us most of the time relaxing... that also could be a worry??
it is more the being sick that is of concern. I would not be taking her for a special visit... I have a good relationship with my vet and could phone him and ask.  




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