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Hi All

I would like my pup to eat carrots as a treat, I know a lot of dogs do. I am not sure at what age I can let her have one, thinking about her biting of a large piece and the posibility of swallowing it. Any ideas from experiance please <:0)

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mine do from puppy-hood on :)

Romeo likes carrots too!, and even sweet apples!

I wouldn't worry, you could always supervise him when he's having a munch.

My girls eat them too & love them.  I have never had a problem. 

.................And mine don't like them at all!

I know lots of dogs love carrots, and puppies particularly, but I have had 6 reds over the years, and not one of them has ever liked carrots.  My red and white girl loves them. Mind you, there isn't a lot she doesn't like anyway.  One of my reds ate carrots once, out of the horse field on a very frosty day - frozen !

Finlay not to keen on carrots, but Paddy was terrible if i was slicing them he would be up on worktop trying to get  at them he also loved to eat cabbage stalks!

So funny just read what Ellen said about the carrot slicing and cabbage stalks :)) Our flame has alllllllways eaten carrots, cabbage,broccoli & cauliflower such a vegetarian lol. I'm up very early in the morning to prepare their food and guess who's at the bench when the grater is going with carrots...... The red kids :)) very funny, unfortunately veggies dont help add weight but maybe carrots help with their lovely red colour :))) lol

Sounds like my Daisy red and white Dianne and Ellen.  Cabbage stalks are a real delicacy in Daisyville, and as for broccoli, raw, cooked, she loves it.  The reds prefer it cooked.  Daisy was stuffing herself with apples today. Its been a very poor year for apples because they have rotted on the trees, so she had better make the most of what she is finding. As for her weight. I have to keep a real eye on her. She is a real piglet, and thank goodness Ellen, back to her true self today after the little bug that hit her yesterday. Shock horror, a day when Daisy didn't feel like eating :-O

Finlay has never turned down food, think he would try anything, his favorite is cheese, he can hear me slicing it even from the back garden, Clare left her pizza on work top and Finlay licked all cheese topping off and left her the plain base (",)

I left a piece of steak on the table one evening, and the local JWs knocked on the door. When I went back to the plate, it had gone, and there was DaisyMae up the corner on her bed with a very content look on her face licking her lips. What could I say. Too late, already inside her.  She is a real little piglet. I have now taught her to leave anything which is put down before I have finished :-D

Mine love carrots and all other vegetables, raw or cooked.

Carrots which have been placed in the freezer for a hour are great for teething puppies...helps to cool down their gums while they chew.




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