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Hi All

I would like my pup to eat carrots as a treat, I know a lot of dogs do. I am not sure at what age I can let her have one, thinking about her biting of a large piece and the posibility of swallowing it. Any ideas from experiance please <:0)

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ooh thanx for that tip Torie!!!

All three of the eat carrots...from the 10 week old to the 7 year old....

Mine love carrots

No. Mine prefer to leave the carrots to the rabbit then eat the rabbit.

Now that is just plain greedy! :-)

Mine would rather chase the rabbit

Harry Loves Carrots too, we've been putting them in a Kong which keeps him occupied for ages.

Both of mine love carrots and green beans when I'm making the dinner it's a case of one for you one for the pot!, my old lady loved potato peeling as well :-)




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