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There is a 5mnth and 5days old male puppy for sale on the Pets4Homes site...just wondered if any breeders on here in the UK might recognise him? Apparently someone  is coming to see him on Saturday so time is short

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It was kind of you to alert the members of this site about this puppy, Christine. Do you know if he was re-homed? If so, hopefully he has been sold to someone who has previously owned the breed or who has carried out relevant research to gain a good understanding of how to care properly for this Irish Setter puppy.

I continue to be horrified by the very poor environments too many English Setters end up in, through no fault of their own. Such a beautiful tempered dog having to suffer so much unnecessarily.

Hi Finding Beau, have just been able to contact the lady who alerted everyone to this poor dog, she has not been able to trace the breeder but someone is going to see him soon, so...fingers crossed he will get a good forever home with someone who understands Setters.  Thanks for your interest!! xx

Hi Christine, I will keep my fingers crossed very hard that this young Irish Setter boy finds a suitable home. Susan xx




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