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Hi, can anyone recommend a dog sitter in the Sidcup/Bexley or surrounding area who has experience with Setters. In an ideal world I would pack Lily in my suitcase :-( . It's a horrible thought leaving her with someone else.  
Many thanks..... Claire

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Hi Claire


I had a fantastic experience with this company, that hosted Oberon 14 days during Xstmas. We are going away a week in February and we'll definitely book with them again! I was soo terrified when I left, but the host family was **fantastic** and all worked well. i see they have a branch in Bromley & Croydon, maybe is the closest to you? Or, inquiry with their general email: they'll be able to help..





You have to register the dog and they first visit you for meeting him and see his/your requirements. Then they work on these info and propose a host family. They charge 35£ of collection/delivery fee and then ~20£ per day (so maybe is not worth for a couple of days, but it works out to be a good price  for a more extended holiday..)


But, if the first time you are leaving for an extended period (say >1 week) I would suggest you book a trial week end before , just to try (we did this)   

I hope it may help..




I have a very nervous Gordon and when I was looking for dog care for him several years ago, I also came across Barking Mad and to cut a long story short, I ended up buying one of its franchises.  I have now sold on my area to one of my customers but would still highly recommend the company.  My IRWS and particularly my Gordon Setter still use the service several times a year.  Interestingly enough, the hosts are not paid a huge amount of money to look after your dog which means they are people that do so because they love dogs.  Also, only yours will be looked after at the same time (unless they have a dog of their own of course).  Usually BM insist on a trial stay which is very important.  My Gordon, Benson  has been to 3 or 4 different hosts who love him to pieces but he did once try another out once whose husband was a night worker.  Unfortnuately Benson could not deal with being left even for a short time on his own downstairs, knowing that the poor man was upstairs (trying to sleep). Needless to say that placement didn't work out. Strangely but luckily, Benson is fine being left on his own in the kitchen at night times.




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