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I know others have wrote of dog theft in their country's and I'm aware there have been allegations made of dogs been stollen for many reasons here in Australia!
Last night we recieved an email from our local (small country community stating dogs are been targeted in the near by town! (Shocked!!!) My question is....some think it's a hoax, others say we better believe it....it's going on! Very sad and worrying. Our dogs are all locked in when out or most times I'm out with them and they follow me back in. What are your views? Is it all true? I'm home most of the time and work on the farm nextdoor on a casual basis, I won't deny I'm bothered and distressed by it all, as I've read what sometimes happens to the dogs. Please find a couple of minutes to tell me what you all think please, I need some reassurance.... Or advice!!! These people are parasites!!! Take care Dianne & furbabies x

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Hi Mike...love it!! Not too sure the male family members will share my same humor! Lol
That's definitely one for the back doors!!

Eunice, hope your Millie is with you soon....I'd so be having red head withdrawal symptoms without them.
Molly came back on Wednesday but due to a couple of things we had to board her at her usual kennels until monday
They collect her from the local vets. You would know them Diane Hanrob at heathcote
I dropped her at vets at 9am at midday the girls phoned me and said Molly would not get in the van. I went down and she was shaking and panting heaps. Took 15 minutes to settle her and she went in like normal I phoned the kennels last night and all well.
I feel so bad poor darling. She will be back monday and home for good
Poor you and Millie Eunice! I'll be thinking of you both on Monday......a couple of very happy ladies I imagine you will both be. :o) x




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