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Well after losing our gorgeous Irish Setter Chloe last November, we have considered at length getting a new Setter both as a companion for our other Setter Meg and as a family member for us all. We have come so close on many occasions and then changed our minds again. Our minds ready. Our hearts not. I honestly never thought I would see the day where I could remember Chloe with just joy and no tears. However, bit by bit I am having hours and days where smiles prevail in her memory and tears, still there, but less so.

Her passing has also strengthened our bond with our English Setter Megan . We have always adored her but her gentle, quiet and unassuming nature was somewhat shadowed by her much crazier and outgoing sister who would nearly push her out of the way to greet anyone in sight! The beauty and joy of the English Setter has been re affirmed in our minds and the joy Meg brings each day is easing the sadness of Chloe. Meg too a real sweetheart with our 2 little boys. She amazing with kids. Chloe was too but definitely not as gentle!

So, we thinking we will get another English Setter. Maybe when our boys a little older we will get another Irish Setter but for now, its too raw after Chloe and maybe a slightly less exuberant breed might be better until kids older. So putting the feelers out now. Want to be sure of the breeding lines etc and also looking for a dark blue belton or belton and tan- from show side of breed. Just wondering is anyone aware of reputable breeders who may have puppies or could someone lead us in the right direction? Would love to get Summer puppy - always get my pups in May or June/ July. Find it easier or housetraining. Happy to wait though for right puppy.

Many Thanks,

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Thank you so much Finn. Much appreciated. I have contacted Aidan already .

Hi Maria - not sure whether you would be interested in importing an English Setter. New O'Malley's near my hometown of Berlin had puppies at the end of November 2011 http://www.new-omalleys.de/english-version/. I understand they still had 3 boys and a girl left a little while ago and they are simply adorable (but not quite the colouring you're looking for).... More recent photos can be viewed here http://www.new-omalleys.de/welpen/. Good luck with the search.



Hi KC and Errol,

Thank you so much for your kind reply.

Those puppies are just so adorable. Real beauties. We would prefer to get a puppy in either England or Ireland though for ease of travel etc but moreover we want to get a younger puppy.

Thank you anyway.

Congratulations Maria on your decision to add another English pup to your family.  As you know, Tess, my Irish girl, wasn't too impressed with her new baby sister at first, but things are very different now.  They are growing closer & closer every day. 

Hugs xx  You will find the right puppy. 

Hi Lynn,
Many thanks for lovely message. We have deliberated for so long, as you know, but finally reached this decision. The way I see it now is if a little puppy is meant for us now, 1 will turn up. When we got Chloe 11 years ago, she was the only female IKC Irish setter puppy available in Ireland at the time! Breeder was going to keep her but changed mind at last minute. She was destined for us..... Hopefully, the same will happen this time.

So so delighted for you that things settling down there with your 2. You have given Tess a
wonderful gift. They will be best friends over time. It just takes time. Our Meg is just so so lonely. Can't watch it any further. She only really comes to real life when she sees other dogs
in kennels she stays in when we away. She lost without her companion. We used to
rescue puppies that were mistreated or abandoned- before we had kids. We did it quite a bit. Chloe always liked them- loved the play and fun but had a definite tolerance level !! They'd get
a few growls when she'd had enough! She was hilarious!! Meg seemed endlessly patient though and happy with them so fingers crossed she feels like that if pup
comes our way. Winter puppy and 2 small kids- 1 of whom isn't even walking yet might just be too much for toilet training / weather etc. Hoping the Summer bears some fruit for us.
Talk soon.
Take care,
Maria xx

Maria, if the right puppy is out there, it will find it's way to you or you will fine this special pup that will be meant for you & Meg.  A summer puppy is so much easier, I agree.   Toilet training with Grace was a breeze, but again, I think that Setters tend to learn very fast in that area. 


I wish you all the luck in the world.   Please keep in touch xx


Hi Maria,

I've emailed a phone number to you, hopefully your new little bundle will be with you soon :-)

p.s. Henry says that there is nothing wrong with orange beltons lol x

Oh, & Grace agrees, Sheree.

Aww, she is an ambassador for the oranges if ever I saw one lol x

 LOL !! Sheree and Lynn,

Henry is indeed correct. Orange Beltons are gorgeous......Henry and Gracie are stunning. For some reason that may not seem logical they remind me alot of Chloe......maybe the hues of orange a bit like red-Actually I dont know why but they do. Thats my inhibition. I am open to it though. We will chat to her and see how we go forward. xx




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