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My Irish setter has just had a beautiful litter of 12 puppies.  My sister who lives in the South of France is going to have one of them. Please can anybody advice me of the current legislation etc. He will be living in France but travelling back to the UK on occasions. I was just wanting to know how old he had to be etc and if he could go and have all vaccinations in France.

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Hi Alison,
My dogs have a pet passport. Best to ask your vet as the regulations have changed as the 1st of January 2012.

most parts of europe has the regulation now that the puppy can enter a country only with rabies vaccination. the earliest time this is given is usually at the age of 3 months, then a waiting time of 21 days. only after this the pup can enter france. as the pup will have the rabies shot already, he/she will be able to re-enter UK any time. but the new owners have to make sure to revaccinate every year (or whatever the vaccine is valid for, can be even 3 years, depends on brand) so the dog is still entitled to enter UK.

Mel, you are right in saying that it was no problem for pups under 12 weeks earlier but this has been changed by a regulation some time ago. OFFICIALLY (and I say officially as you can take a pup across Europe by car without being checked, as there are no borders anylonger...) any dog traveling within the EU needs a rabies vaccination and if it is the first in the dog's life, it is not given under the age of 3 months by any vet. And additionally 21 days are needed in this case. This is that EU directive that has been implemented by the UK and Sweden from 1st Jan 2012 on.

important: chip before jab or at the same time, but definitely not after jab...




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