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Since joining ES i've enjoyed looking at every ones photos and often wondered if any were related to my Finlay so thats what i'm asking, i would love to see some photos of his brothers or sisters,

Finlay was born 14th December 2009, his sire is Birinci Jasper,

dam Settaside Treacle Toffee, Finlaly's kennel name is Sebby's Gorgeous Green, his litter mates are, Basford Blue Moon, Chocolate Orange Dopey, Precious Pink Athena, Purple Treacle Toffee, Snape Red Grumpy and Yellow Fudge Sundae. All i know is one boy had gone to Kent and his owners called him Paddy, would love to hear from you if you have one of these dogs. Thanks Ellen

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Good Luck with your search Ellen, it is through ES that I was contacted by Debbie who has Bella's brother Rafferty.  Funnily enough she onlly lives 15mins away from my parents in Leicestershire (our dogs came from East Sussex so no local connection).  We have now become great friends and try to meet up regularly and chat on the phone all the time.  Shame of it is that Bella has no interest in being friends with her brother even when he asks to play really nicely which embarasses me greatly!   

Thanks Elizabeth hopefully someone will get in touch, Finlay came from Crewe so not local to me either, just think it would be nice.

Good luck as I was also contacted by Aileen Jack who has Murphy's brother Reuben so it does happen! :-)

I found one of Abbie`s sisters about 2 months ago, just by chance she lives across town from us, and she had a litter of pups 5 years ago and it turned out that I have met two of the pups that live 5 minute drive from us. So yes it does happen, good luck hope you find them <:0)

Goodluck Ellen, I'm sure there will be one of Finlays litter mates out there. :0)

Thank you I feel more hopeful as it does seem to happen some times, i'll keep my fingers crossed (",)




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