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So this Saturday we leave for the Adirondack Mt. and we will be taking the boys on their first true road trip. We will be gone 7-10 days depending on how well they handle things. I must say that I have had some trepidation leading up to this and figured it would be too expensive to board for that period of time nor would I want to.

This will come as an adjustment for them because at home they have a pretty large romp area and they will need to be restricted at the 'camp' as they call it where we are staying which is a very basic small cabin. There are many other camps around and the world at large really is not too familiar with such a large rowdy, rollicking overly friendly dog or my new name for them the ' Red Pack'. The fellas tend to be a little uncivilized on occasion as usually anything that moves is fair game and that won't be possible here as it could be a bear or moose. There will be boat traffic on the river in front and I'm sure that will lead to them having to acknowledge that. I am bringing a quantity of tranquilizers ( for me ) in hopes that I get some R+R.

Anybody have anything to relate on their experiences and hope everybody is having a great Summer ( for those who do have Summer now ).



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Hi Rob! We have taken Oberon on many vacations, from 3-4 days city trips in belgium to stay in houseboaths, to crossing all way france to drive from the UK to corsica and camping there for two weeks, to sleeping on the deck on overnight ferries or staying in faboulous rooms in castle hotels.. We are just back after 5 days  in Cornwall, were we moved from one B&B to another almost daily.... I would say that, whatever large or restricted is the space, he loves to stay with us in a sort of new adventure and he really loves to travel :)

of course is a bit more expensive because, in particular in peak season when everything is quite full, we have the further restriction that we are limited to dog friendly places.. but that's not too difficult. dont be worry about the change of routine and space: is all a big play for them, in the end:)

(during long drives we allowed Oberon to stop every few hours and get an ice cream- ehm;)

have a great trip, and remember to post pics:)

Well have a god time...I'm sure you will. Its amazing how the 'Reds' adapt to changes.

We take 2 at a time with us on our Motorhome adventures (only been doing it a year)...not into the 'wild' admittedly, but it does show that these exuberant, and often boisterous lads, can adapt to life in a very small area, so long as they get some long walks and romps thrown in. They sleep in the motorhome with us and sometimes we put up an awning for extra space in the day, if not, a waterproof covered crate helps. If we're just sitting relaxing, then we put them on leads on a zip wire so they can move around and see what's going on. We've never had problems with excessive noise or bad behaviour, even from our youngster Callum, who can be a nightmare at home!

We think they respond to the extra attention they get as we don't have too many chores to do unlike at home. We've even had neighbouring 'campers' go out of their way to tell us how well trained and obedient they are!!!

Anyway ENJOY.

Nothing to relate,Rob. Just wishing you a safe journey and an enjoyable vacation. Regards.

Have a great time away Rob....... The reds will show you how to have fun and relax, all at the same time :0)) take care.

Rob, I'm DYING to hear how the trip went! We're going to Disney World and Treasure Island on the gulf in Sept, but alas, Dougal will not be accompanying me. He's staying home with Daddy, this is a "girls only" trip! : )  (After being in the car for a 16hr drive with a 3yr old, I may be wishing for Dougal!) lol

LOL Kimberly. Yes I think I'd rather a car load of Dougals, than a 3year old on a road trip!! :0))) x

I do have to relate one funny story but only in retrospect. The whole trip went very smoothly except for one minor episode when we left to return home. We went about a mile down the road when I pulled over to rearrange some gear in the back of the truck which was blocking the view in my mirror. Well unbeknownst to me but not Rooker, I pulled over at a grassy area just past where a flock of geese were standing. As soon as I opened the hatch to the back, Rooker came flying over my shoulder and after the geese. After a frantic two minutes, he got over himself and came back to me. This was on a quiet piece of road so there was no imminent danger but none the less...... Kim, I would hope your three y/o doesn't try the same thing if she sees Mickey Mouse. Have funn.

Rob, maybe not with Mickey but I think Cinderella's going to "blow her mind"! lol




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