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The air went blue with expletives when I read that.

I hope they get what they deserve, but unfortunately its highly unlikely.

I hope the dogs are all found the new and loving homes that they deserve, in due course, because surely they won't be allowed back to that hell-hole.

These people bring shame on all breeder/exhibitors, although that should not be the case, as I know many fine people, who breed and exhibit, who care deeply for the health and well being of all their canine family.

Thank goodness for the person who reported their concerns and I hope I have the courage to do the same, if I am ever in the same position.

Unbelievable. .I hope the dogs can find a home soon. .I can't understand how it was possible to show them if they were in such bad conditions!

All Setter related Facebook groups are on overdrive. You do know that she has a page on ES, yes?

Good God, you're right!  I am going to ask Gene to remove her. Their cruelty brings disrepute to ES whilst she remains.

Well these persons have been breeding and showing so many years so I bet they are in lots of lists and Web groups. ..I don't know what is the policy in these cases. .

Unfortunately there is no "level playing field" in the dog show scene, as a private investigator and Police dog trainer pointed out to me during my search for my stolen English Setter, Beau. I do not believe it is even necessary to prove one does not have a criminal record when applying for a breeder licence. Cruelty in any form should not be allowed to exist anywhere.

As I have just posted on one of the Facebook ES sites... I'm starting to wonder whether she suffered a mental breakdown as these photos do not ellude to animal neglect... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Haremach-Irish-Setters/130837577007713 

Louise thank you for posting this.

Unbelievable ... Words can not describe how sorry I feel for these dogs ... I will never forget those Photos ... and hope all dogs will find a new loving home!

For the breeder I hope they get what the deserve and that they are never allowed to have dogs again.

Thank goodness for the person who reported their concerns and saved the dogs.




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