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I and my 6 years old daughter play together “hide and seek”. Since puppy knows how to “sit stay”, but doesn’t want to sit if I turn around the corner and she doesn’t see me – we need to play together with someone else. We hide in turns and call her. We hide in more difficult places now all around the house. Like closets for example. Amber is good on finding us. We hide with little bowl and pieces of boiled liver in it. She loves liver the best.  

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Also I showed her game “Find It”. We would be playing with a toy, and then I would hide it behind my back for example. I would give her command “Find it”. She love to look for it.
I am planning to teach her words – how toys named and then make it more interesting.
This weekend was funny to watch Amber. I was on a kitchen washing dishes (after party a night before). Amber coming in and puts ball next to me on a floor. Then sits and watches me. I laughed, thru the ball couple times, gave her treats when she returned and then she looses the ball in the room. Couple minutes later she comes again, but this time she brought me stuffed bear to throw. She is just one very smart pup. She makes me very happy.
I found a video on how to make an interactive toy. I already bought similar toy, so no sence of making one. But may be one of you can use this idea. Here
We finally finished backyard! She can run now freely!. I got blinking collar for night walking and we went yesterday for the first time. We play with laser light - she chasing it so funny. Good exercises. I'll try to make a video and post it here.




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