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Hi Everyone, just wondered if anyone could advise me about grooming tables...I have now reached the age when crawling around on the floor or putting them on the sofa is just not practical. I can't afford an hydraulic one...which I would love...but would be great to hear what types you all use....or not!! Any experiences, recommendations would be very welcome...thanks! xx

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Christine I bought one but the girls don't like it I think if they are not used to it from a pup it is hard to get them to stand on it your boys might be okay before spending a lot of money on one try and see if you could get an old table from a charity shop and cut the legs down till the right height but making sure it is strong enough

Thanks Martina, that's a very good idea......they are used to  going to the groomers and his table so might be ok but a cut down table would probably work just as well! xx

If you look on page 2 in discussion you will see Mike asked a little while ago about this, if you read my answer it may make you laugh but it works :)

oh thank you Angela must have missed that sorry...thank you will have a peep!!




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