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Does anyone have advice or an opinion, on a brand and size of grooming table? There doesn't seem to be a post on this topic yet.

Since I have never owned a grooming table, I am not sure what size I need (height, length, width), for an IS.

It is important that the table be large enough for an adult male IS (approximately 95 lbs/43 kg per his breeder), and sturdy enough for the dog to feel secure.

Any information you may have, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi mike, can't help you with your question but a friend of mine made her own make do table, worked better than the commercial ones.

She got a very old strong table just for her height run a washing line again a height to suit her above the table, using a show lead for her dogs head and a strap at the back both hooked the the washing line , it was made to measure very strong and worked like a dream.  Hope this may give you an idea 




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