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i had my 7 month old setter puppy bailey out for a walk to local park he was running around playing and when i clipped his lead on him to carry on with his walk he appeared to turn aggressive he was jumping at me showing his teeth and trying to bite onto my wrist and he just kept coming at me i had to pin him on the ground until he calmed down

this problem with play biting has been an issue since i got him at 10 wks old he's always done it and its a problem i cant seem to shake. bailey doesnt like getting a row for being naughty and will retaliate usually by trying to boss me by jumping up and clamping onto my hand or arms resulting in bruises usually

any advice with this would be good as im scared the problem seems to be getting worse as hes getting older and i dont want him growing up into a aggressive dog that may bite

i dont know if this is a common problem in setter pups or if im being too sensitive and its my imagination could he just be playing roughly is it common for them also to show there teeth while playing

i know most setters have lovely gentle natures and its not usual for them to be aggressive dogs maybe hes just playing rough as he will just keep jumping at me lots of times and tries to clamp on to me

has any other setter owners out there experienced this with their puppy's

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Deb - you are right. All of the above seem reasonable suggestions BUT no-one has any idea why rhe diog behaved as it did and I am afraid it is an "idiot" who offers advise like that without actually seeing the dog.

It takes time, seeing the dog, waching the dog.owner relationship and teasing out the whole story before ANYONE should offer advise.

some things are obvious and can be answered on lists like this, other things like a behaviour which will escalate with the "wrong" advice should never be worked through on a chat greoup.
hiya fran
thanks for replying
who is this guy david alcorn and where does he live?
yes i do have issues with bailey some other ones also that i have'nt yet mentioned
any advice would be appreciated




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