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Help - my sitter has let me down and won't put Pepper into a kennel

Hello all,

I am in a bit of a dilemma. My partner and i had some holidays planned from the 14th until the 21st of December, and since we take our guy everywhere with us, we thought it would be nice to have a break! However our dogsitter (partners mam) is not able to take him after all and we really dont trust to leave him in a kennel as we have heard horror stories. There are people we could ask, but realise an irish setter is a handful, and then i thought of the members of exclusively setters! I mean , anyone on this forum is going to know the efforts involved in caring for these lively setters, so i figured you guys would be the best to ask for help!
Is there anyone who could help us out? We will be driving from Switzerland to Holland so ideally someone in Switzerland, France or Germany would be best.
Of course we are prepared to pay....we would just be happy and content to know he is being looked after well and being able to mingle with other setters would be heaven for him!
We will of course cancel if we cant find a suitable sitter for him for the week, i ust couldn't take the risk with kennels!

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Hi Caroline,
I know of someone who does a very small scale setter sitting near Basel. Of course she may well be full... I will send you a private message if you can first grant friend request. I do not want to publish the e-mail address here.
best regards
that would be so great, however i think we are already friends, so should be okay to message me privately.
Thanks a mill
the typical swiss farmer lady? :-)))
nooo;-)) I don't want to put people off, do I? ;-)
I always feel that a good boarding kennel is by far the best solution.
And I for one do not believe all the horror-stories of dogs ruined in kennels. Mine are just as happy going as they are when I pick them up again.
The worst I have had when it comes to boarding kennels is that the dogs needed a good bath when they came home...and I can live with that!
So what is so wrong with putting them in kennels?
Hi there,

Im sure your kennel is fine, and there are some great kennels out there, but ive heard of so many bad ones, that it has turned me off, thats all.
Im still looking guys....anybody out there to help me?
I have had my dogs in different kennels and they have been fine, I think its just a question of looking around for one that you feel is OK. As for bad things happening in boarding kennels, well it would hardly be in the kennelowners best interest to treat the dogs badly, would it?
After all they want the trade and they would certainly want you to return...

You are certainly not the only one with negative feelings about boarding kennels, but I feel that dogs like being dogs now and then. :-)
Why not approach Peppers breeder. She may be happy to board him for you. You would certainly have peace of mind then.

Just a thought!




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