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Just wondered whether anyone had any experience of this? My 7 year old dog has been at the vets being treated for it since Sunday and is very poorly. Became ill really quickly over a period of 24 hours.Thanks. Kerry 

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Hi, Kerry, our 7 year old Ruby was diagnosed with autoimmune haemolytic anaemia 2 years ago after a lot of problems with pancreatitis and it was really difficult time for us. She was treated at The Royal Veterinary College because she went on to develop pulmonary emboli. Hope your setter pulls through as we know what you're going through. Best wishes. Sue and Nick

No experience Kerry, but I hope the treatment he is under helps him quickly. It seems to have a few causes, lets hope it was a poisonous plant that can be ripped out and disposed of quickly. Paws crossed and hugs to your boy.

Thank you. There seems to have been very little progress in is recovery since Sunday but he is holding on and not getting any worse and the vet seems to think that a few days for the drugs to start working is to be expected. 

That is good news Kerry. Stable is a good sign.

I just read a article called Meisha's Hope about a dog who survived having Hemolytic Anemia apparently there are many different causes for it, bacterial, viral, genetics and so on.

I really wish your dog well and hope he makes a full recovery.



Yes, one of my old doggies developed this soon after her booster (I don't boost my dogs anymore, unless an immune titre suggests it needs doing).

I must say that looking back, our G.P vets were treating her in a very hit and miss fashion, and it never properly stabilized and she was backwards and forwards all the time after her initial hospitalization. Knowing what I know now, I would now not hesitate in taking her to one of the vet schools for help. My nearest one is Cambridge, where Ben Harris (a Setter man) works. I personally would feel much happier with that level of treatment if  your dog is insured.  One of my current dogs has an auto-immune condition (not AIHA) and she is treated at Cambridge, but is now also booked into see an integrative vet (they combine conventional with homeopathy) to assist in building her up.

I really hope your vets can help your dog, there is nothing worse than seeing a Setter suffer like like. If they don't get on top of this very soon, and you have insurance, please do consider a referral to one of the vet schools who have very good specialists to hand.

Hi Kerry,

Contact Sandy Waterton, she is something of an expert in this area. I hope that your dog responds to the treatment and pulls through.

Thinking of you,


Sandy can be found on yahoo group K9Auto-immune Support

They are a fantastic group to join with some other very knowledgeable people who are members too.

Thanks Fran, I couldn't remember the name of it, but knew that Kerry would know how to contact Sandy through the ISBC!

yes, when my Lotte had this problem, I was told of other dogs in the area who developed it, including a Doberman who had its booster a few hours after Lotte. I know another Setter who they thought had AIHA quite recently, but once they got him into the RVC they discovered a liver shunt which was quite a bad one. He has been operated on by someone who is considered to be the best for these ops, and thankfully - he is now doing really well and enjoying walks again.  Just hoping he stays this way, as it is still early days for him.

Thank you all, have been reading your posts but not had time to reply. Has been like having a new born baby! Pleased to report that his blood test yesterday had his red blood cell count back up to 19, it was 1o on Monday so that's really good progress. Today he is so much better. Eating, still very sleepy but he is starting to show an interest in life. Hopeful that there is no underlying cause and that it's just one of those things. 

Fantastic news Kerry . Wonderful to hear, especially about eating. Hugs to the sleepy boy.




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