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Arthur is long ,lanky and still slightly uncoordinated.

My son described him as an articulated tram without its driver!

I think I am insulted!!!! It is a good description though.

Hope this makes you laugh like it did me.

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Finlay also thinks he's human, often to be found on his back legs front legs on who ever or what ever he can so he can get a better view,while out walking he's usually got his feet up on me so he can decied which route he wants to take, if thats not the way i want to go he just lies down on his back feet in the air ( we all know that pose), hoping someone will walk past so he can get a fuss, but he's never happier when he's got his face on the same level as mine, he is such a sweet boy. (",)

I'm loving reading the varied personalities of our red boys!! As for me....well the two youngest, Jack 5yrs and Harry3yrs go around like little hoodies looking for trouble.....Harry is the ringleader and Jack is left looking guilty most of the time but I am onto him now!! Jack is very clever at opening anything, gates, doors, bags etc etc!! Merlin at 6yrs old is much more laid back and the boss, he watches everything from his sofa in the conservatory but if the other two are getting into mischief and we are in another room he will come running in and stare us in the face with a worried expression as if to say "come quick, they're being naughty AGAIN!!!" I just love them to bits...

just wanted to add that shortly after I wrote on here we sadly had to have our beloved Jack put to sleep, I forgot to mention that he always "talker".... .I will miss, among many other things...those "woo woo" moments when he was at his happiest.....

i am terribly sorry christine... he was beloved and looked after.. a big hug from us to all you, in this sad moment..

Thank you so much silvia,much appreciated, don't want to detract from this discussion though, am enjoying hearing all the comments about our fabulous red dogs xxx

Christine so very very sorry and far too young our thoughts are with you x

Oh Christine, this is such a terrible news!!!  so very sorry for you, my warmest thoughts are with you.

Thank you so much Lois and Chantal.....yes very young but we had 5 really wonderful years with him which was more than we had hoped to have so we have been very lucky. Thank you so much for your kind comments xx

I am so sorry Christine.There are no words that can help except we are thinking of you.

thank you so much Howard...I'm so sorry to have hijacked your discussion but somehow couldn't leave my comments without adding what had happened, your kind thoughts are much appreciated

I cann`t begin to understand what you must be feeling at this time, such very sad news. I have shred a tear, as I am sure so many others have, so sorry.

My two send loves and licks !

Thank you so much Cornelia and Angela for your very kind comments and for the doggie kisses and licks....Jack was a very licky and kissy dog so he would have loved that.




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