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Rigsby is now 9 months old and is in rude health.  He's developing a beautiful, shiny coat and gets on great with all the local dogs.  I've restricted him to a short runs and longer lead walks and I'm looking forward to exploring more of the countryside in the next couple of months.  My main issue is that he won't eat.  He is what I would describe as "skinny" rather than "thin" and even after a more strenuous walk, he sometimes will not eat.  To begin with, he was on the standard Royal Canin junior mix but I was feeding him 3 times the recommended amount so put him on the more rich biscuit but he turns his nose up at it.  I've tried reducing the amount and mixing it with tripe, I've even tried a standard biscuit but with the same result.  Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

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I'm taking it day by day and not trying to get too stressed.  Sometimes he eats for England and other days he's not bothered so I don't press it.  He's healthy and with limited exercise he's beginning to slowly put on weight (he was a bit skinny), and he glows with vitality.  He'll get there.




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