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I have puppy proofed, but cannt Elsa proof !!

Please give me hope. Elsa now 7 months chews / eats everything ie. toys metal wood carpets material plastic paper dirt grass bricks slippers curtains memory sticks pens cables telephones even takes the surface of the wallpaper with her front teeth, always somthing in her mouth. Elsa will climb onto chairs or tables to reach what she wants 4 1/2 feet tall she can reach quite far. Yes puppy`s chew but please someone tell me she will grow out of this one day!!!! She is a great little darling, recall 5*, loves being brushed, Knows when it is bed time and just goes. I would like a Christmas tree this year do you think it possible ?

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Let's not rush those twilight years Diane. Half the fun of a Setter is getting there and they are all too short.

  Oh no you guys are scaring me. Since Dugan was blind he didn't ever chew or get into things. Now with a new puppy oh boy are we ever going to have to be patient & observant. Help!

Too true Rob you are right, it is fun getting there :)) that's why I have three.....lol :)) no need to worry about a gym membership lol.

Dino, our first Irish got through a hardback version of the Complete works of William Shakespeare and a kitchen worktop in 2 hours, at a very tender age! Skirting boards were never safe either. He taught us to try to 'setter proof' everything, but to be honest they're always finding something, if the mood grabs them. Bridie modified our new kitchen and even chewed the door which was never replaced for years until finally we had a big family celebration coming up and we took the plunge. I still check it every time we come in though and she is nearly 11!! We have to get the thick Profleece vet bedding as the cheaper versions last no time at all, and plastic dog baskets come and go frequently. Though Kuranda beds are brilliant and very nearly chewproof...they can just manage the odd toothmark. An old sofa bed was put into the dog room as we thought they'd be so comfortable they'd sleep all the time....uh uh! It lasted 2 weeks!

To be honest its par for the course, and we get by..you know grin and bear it :) But a word of warning with wood chewing..Finn chewed some wood on a fence outside when he was a puppy and a splinter somehow worked its way up to behind the eye causing infection. Our vet finally managed to get it out on the third attempt under GA via the mouth...the alternative was to go through the skull/side of the face, and we were literally 24 hours from the MRI scan which was to precede this, before the vet said clinical signs had significantly improved. Scary stuff, so, joking apart, we all need to be vigilant and keep trying to foresee the dangers they can get into.

Sorry Angela, I'm sure Elsa will grow out of it one day....it's just the old question WHEN? :)

Sue that is just what I worry about, or somthing in her insides. I can replace any item in the house but will never be able to replace her. Thank you all for your ray of hope, after reading some of your comments .... she is realy not that bad.

Finlay also ate a tube of hand cream, i phoned vet just to check, well i had to read them out the ingridents so they could check with the poisons unit, it took them 2hours to phone back to say it should be ok it just might make him vomit, they were a long two hours

I too used to own a monster, he wasn't too bad at chewing but he used to be torment .. He is now just over 3 can still and doubtlessly will always open kitchen drawers and cupboards for him and his wee pal .. But he is the most wonderful pal I could have ever wished for.. He is now mainly funny doesn't harm or destroy a thing just seems to want attention. He huffs and puffs when he is told no ..
Hang in there they are always fun but it gets easier ..

I am sure she is just telling me off for not leting her play with the big girls.She loves her walks and free run in the fields but this has to be limited because she is only 7 months, as I said before her recall is great and she still has so much energy left when her time is up, and then my middle girl goes out for another hour or two. Life is not fair so I will eat you out of house and home LITERALY.

Oh dear, I remember those days but must say not quite as bad as what you are experiencing, lol. Reuben chewed a corner of wall when a pup, so I introduced the very hot Tabasco sauce and he never did it again ! Now though he is a bit of a bin raider , so The argos catalogue goes on top of it when I am out. I am sure he will work that one out soon though. Oh and Friday night he finished off my lefT over chicken curry, but I did leave it on the table unattended and left the from for 10 mins- so fair game really. Hope she grows out of soon, before you will be left to sleeping in your lovely shed!

I love this picture because my Ringo stands this way on our deck too!!!




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