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I was unloading firewood from a wagon and the fellas were romping till I heard this God awful yelping and a big lunker had rolled off without me even knowing and also unbeknownst is Keba was right there. I knew it was bad right away and took him to a 24/7 emergency care. Xrays show all 4 metetarsals on the right rear are broken. I left him overnight to stabilize with pain meds and then a surgeon consult tomorrow morning. They suspect he needs pins and the cost is going to be astronomical. I of course have to do it because he is only 2. I'm sick to my stomach. I mean, it was purely an accident. The log just shifted and fell and I thought the boy was out back. My dogs are everything to me and I am of course blaming myself. Just looking for some shoulders to cry on. I won't get him back til Wednesday and of course Rooker is being spoiled rotten tonight. Anyone ever see similar breaks.

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Wow Georgina,

What a romantic story. My existence has been rather mundane. I grew up near NYC but went to college in Rochester, NY. When I graduated, some folks introduced me to the Finger Lakes area and I fell in love. Since I had no idea what I was doing with my life, I left the city and moved way out into the country. It was rather remote at the time (1978-my first Red actually used to sleep on the gravel road and it wasn't a worry ). I lived in a small wood and stone cabin and saved every penny I could so I could buy some land. In 1985, I bought 93 acres, part of an old dairy farm with a house dating to 1842- new by European standards. I had horses for over 20yrs ( I read too many Louis L'Amour westerns ) growing and selling hay as well. Horses are long gone now but the Reds remain.

I also spare no expense for my boys. I'll come home from the grocery having spent more on the dogs than on myself. He is surely a noble one. The problem is the older I get, the harder it is on me to go through this sort of thing. When owning an IS, there is usually a continuous litany of trouble they get into.

Where did the IS figure in your life. Once you got to Scotland?

Well, Daniel was a red cocker spaniel so from a early age I had a red dog by my side until 4 years ago when I lost Dopey my last Irish.  Most of the friends I have came into my life through dogs and I find them to be the most compassionate, sane people, wicked senses of humour and real "lifers" in so far as they cope with life, enjoy the good times and are philisophical when things turn upside down.  Just like you are doing with Keba's present crisis but don't forget life is a state of mind so don't despair about Keba and not feeling able to cope with it, you will, he will get better and life will return to normal.   It is part of the joy of having them around is there ""joi'de vivre"" and because of this sometimes they get into scrapes that perhaps other breeds would avoid.  The way they throw back their heads and laugh in the face of adversity/hurt, wiggle their little bodies and set their sights on the next chaotic project to be created!!!!  Having first heaped a whole load of worry and expense on our shoulders with the attitude of "ah to bey sure, to bey sure"!

Your life sounds wonderful surrounding yourself with privacy, horses and dogs and the house sounds charming.  The last two properties I had were built 1850 but currently bought a modern house which overlooks the local forest where the dogs gallop safely.

What does Keba mean and is Rookie to do with police????




Dopey for an Irish? Did that create him issues?

I am well aware Keba's mishap is merely a blip compared to the real issues of life.

And unfortunately, residents of Rochester located my country idyll . They built a 4 lane and well, can't stop progress.

Ok, you may nail me on this one. For starters, all my Irish for reasons unknown have always had a 'K' in their names. I saw an Irish named Riker once and liked that and it became Rooker. Now did I see once that rooker might be Scottish for rock or rocky area? Well, probably not, maybe I made that one up. Keba is much more interesting, it is from the Hebrew word "akiva" or as I saw it 'akiba' which can mean "replace" as he and Rooker came after my dear boy Sackett which is from the aforementioned Louis L'Amour novels. We've also had Kashmir, Mickey, Kane and Ketch-Up (don't ask).

He was really called Donald but when he was little and we wanted him to come in he would ignore us.  So my ex told him was a dopey puppy, typical Irish, so after that insult Dopes came in.   Then a few days I couldn't get him to obey so I too told him he was dopey, so he came in!!   Hence it stuck, I think it was the rise and fall of the word because Donald is quite a flat sound.  Anyway he was delightful Dopey and I loved him, like his uncle Fergal, who was the first male I'd had, he was out of a bitch I had bought.  I'd always had bitches apart from Daniel so when I kept Fergal I was totally hooked.  I found them to be much more biddable and less moody than bitches - I have three of them presently - and they are a handful.  A terrier, a spaniel and a dalmation and they, like their owner, are too opinionated!

Not sure if rooker is Scottish, it seems to me that everything ends eeee, like cuppee (cup of tea), dugee (dog), wee (small), bittee (bit of) etc etc etc.

You should have put a "no entry" before the blighters moved in on you, maddening but it may pay off at the end of the day and your land has a premium on it for development that you may benefit from.  Love the name explanation, Sackett must be the one with the bandana.  You must have a good eye for Setters which is probably from your time with horses, because the pictures of your dogs show really nice typey ones.   Are they simarly bred?   Mine were Wendover/Sowerhill/Cornevon bloodlines so bred for show.

Ketchup because he was red and sweet??????????  Just off to a local carol service to sing my heart out (God help the neighbours) that's before they learn that I was banned from the school choir because they identified my voice as the terrible droning noise...........hmmmmm

None of my boys were similarly bred. My dogs have always just been for pets. I've been lucky to get some good lookers each time. Yes that is Sackett w/ the bandana. Kane and Ketch-up were father-son. I'd have to scan some old photos to get pics of them up but there is a remarkable coincidence how Keba looks like Kane and Rooker looks like Ketch-up. I am fortunate that 4 of them are on the bank overlooking the stream out back. I saw once that Heaven is where all your dogs come to greet you. What joy!

I think you undersell yourself, you definately have a good eye.   My setters were pets too but I did show them but because I am not a competitive animal I didn't push them.   Some breeders bring out puppies, campaign them hard and then you never hear or see the pups again.  You clearly love your dogs very much especially as you still "have them" with you.  I've still got mine too.

I've just got back because we've had a shoot with 15 guests and dogs everywhere.   They had sausage rolls and soup at 11 and then two course lunch at 1pm so it was full on.   I belted home picked up the dogs and then walked in the forest wherethey bombed about like loonies.

Anyway, most important of all,  how is Keba today?


What funn. You probably needed a walk after a repast like that. There must be trails in the woods? Is it a park? There are different types of public land here.

Keba is getting frustrated. He feels better and pulled the cone off last night but fortunately did not chew on the splint. He stands pretty well to put the rubber booty on. Jean Green, who bred him and might be a member here, has offered us the puppy enclosure to give him more space. I don't think there's been enough time yet.

Can you post a photo of the shoot?




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