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Hi all,

The hardest few days coming up, 3 weeks ago I found out Sofie`s 1/2 sister is having a litter of pups.As I had been concidering another pup for somtime I phoned up and the breeder had some bookings, mostly for boys and said she would call me when they arrived as I was looking for a girly.Last night I got the phone call 9 bitches and 5 dogs arrived yesturday mum and pups are doing well, so why am I not jumping up and down, working out when they will be ready for their new homes?

Nearly 2 years ago the vet gave Abbie only a few months, and didnt see the piont in giving her her booster her liver was paying the price for 4 years of high medication,among other things like 6 fits in one day 2-3 times a month.TLC, change of diet and change of life style means we still have her now.

In the last week she has gone down hill fast, does not even join us in the family room in the evenings, she loves her brush, cuddles and a treat normaly.She has been so good for our faimily, so I cannt help thinking what gives me the right to make her time left more uncomfortable, and is it fair on the pup not to be able to be crazy when she wants.I am not expecting replys I neaded to write this done and read it. Thanks for your ears.

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I think we are talking about the same litter.....

Yes I do have a very long way, nearly 500 miles, I will be on the Circuit (in Ireland) in two weeks, so will get off the Ferry, on Sunday, travel down to Essex, and then pick her up, and get back home the same day....she will travel home during the night so hopefully she will sleep in her cage at the back of the motorhome....poor wee thing will have to get used to that kind of travelling...she will be doing a whole lot of it before she actually gets into the show ring....but it hasn't done my others any harm...lol

so pleased for you angela im sure all 5 of you will be happy together and dee thats a beautiful name and i hope to see her soon.love to saffy and fin and im sure theyll enjoy their new family member.

Thanks Lyn I hope that they will love her....and yes she will be travelling a long way before she gets into the ring....will you be at any of the shows at the end of this 'summer' (for want of a better word)????

The name came from the TV it was Police dogs....and one was called Cia and when I heard the translation I just fell in love with it....

I tell my puppy owners and anyone else who will listen, about the crates...the puppies feel secure and the older dogs don't feel threatened (by the new little interloper)

I have one in the bedroom and one in the kitchen...and Fin has only just stopped using them...If I used to go out he would trot over to his crate and stand and wait until I opened the door to let him in, and he was very happy to stay there...and now he doesn't try and sleep on the bed, he sleeps where the crate used to be...so now its his turn to be the 'big brother' well half brother....lol

Thanks Dee, I have been looking on line just what you are saying.

If dog crates were designed to look like little dog houses, it might be easier to convince people that they are NOT cages!

First, let's talk about what a crate really is and how they can improve your relationship with your dog.

Long ago, when dogs were still wild animals, they often slept in dens - shallow holes they dug in the ground hidden away in places where they felt safe from predators. These were small, dark places, just big enough to turn around in and to lie down comfortably.

Even after centuries of selective breeding and living in people's homes, dogs still retain some of their ancient instincts. One of these instincts is the desire to have a den - a small, cosy place of their very own where they can feel safe and secure.

A "crate" is just a modern version of a den. In other words, it's a dog house within your house. Just as you enjoy having your own room where you can go for peace and privacy, your dog likes having his own room, too!

As well as giving him a safe, cosy place to stay, crates can make training your dog a lot easier. Housebreaking goes much faster when you use a crate and destructive chewing becomes easier to control. Travelling is safer for both you and your dog when he's in a crate. As you may have unhappily discovered, it's very hard nowadays to find a motel that allows pets. Many motels, though, allow -crated- dogs. Finding a rental apartment that will allow pets is becoming next to impossible but many landlords can be persuaded to accept tenants with crate-trained dogs.

Only for night and nap times, for the first few months one on way, thanks girls x

Great to see that and you are very welcome...you will find the first nights easier to cope with too....its all to do with security yours and hers...(could tell you a story about the first few nights with Tammy, one of my long gone babies....the things that she chewed up...but won't go there, suffice to say it was embarrassing..lol) but that's another story...

Now you can start to get things 'ready' for you new addition, and good luck hope to see her some time.... and you of cause...lol...;o)




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