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If you post on this site - PLEASE READ

The amount of complaints about the tone of the posts on this site has reached record proportion. 

People complain that I banned their friends.

People complain that I haven’t banned others.

There have been multiple instances where Person A complains about Person B and Person B complains about Person A.

People have threatened to leave if I don’t do something.  (Given the amount I use this site, you would think people would realize that statement doesn’t have a whole lot of sway with me since I am paying to keep a site alive I don’t even use.)

I understand that people can be rude since that is the main reason I stopped using this site myself.  I would ask anyone who posts and participates on the site to do two things:

1. Before you post something, please review the content of your post and make sure it does not attack or insult another member in any way, shape, or form…unless you don’t value your membership and wish to go out in a blaze of glory.

2. If you read a post that you disagree with, please realize there’s a reason that Baskin-Robbins makes 31 flavors of ice cream.  Remember opinions are like ‘you know what’, everybody has one.

This is NOT to suggest I don’t want to hear about spammers, inappropriate, insulting, or vulgar posts.  I think we want civil, open discussion with sharing knowledge and ideas but we will not tolerate trolls.

I am pushing Ning to provide voting buttons where the Community could vote down posts from any trolls and once they hit a certain number, we would ban them.  Until then, I ask that everyone play nice.  Thanks in advance for your support!

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Now I'm feeling lonely Eva......

I'm sitting here with a glass of plonk, all on my own, even my dog has gone to bed without me!!

Too late for cleaning Sue....open a bottle.  I have and it is all looking rosier already.  Bleedin hell I have just seen the time!!!!!




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