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I'm new to the forum and just want to say 'hi' :)

Hi all,


I've just joined the forum today after owning Darcey, our red setter, for 10 months. It's her first birthday on the 21st and I just don't know where the time has gone!


We also have Ollie, a 6 year old springer cross, unlike Darcey, where we had to go on a waiting list, Ollie found us! He was running up and down a busy road so I stopped, opened the boot of the car and the rest is history! :D


As well as my dogs, I have 4 children. Oh yeah...mustn't for get my husband!!


It's great to have somewhere we I can come for a chat or advise, that is specifically for the breed. It's very unusaul to see a setter, even the vets say they don't see that many so to have somewhere like this that understands them is super.


Emma & Darcey x

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Hi Emma,


I'm quite new here too but it is brilliant, so many friendly people with beautiful dogs, all willing to give advice when needed and sharing their photos and experiences.



Hi Emma

 I only joined a few weeks ago myself  it is a great site

I have learned so much from it

I really enjoy being a member of this group.I haven't been a member for long and only wish I had known about it years ago.

My vet is from Ireland and he tells me he hasn't seen another red setter,apart from my three, for many months.I once had to take one of ours to the Veterinary Hospital  at Newmarket .An American  vet rushed out from where she was treating a horse to admire my dog and as she rushed she yelled that she had never,ever seen an Irish Setter...


Hi Emma. I'm sure you'll enjoy the site...great topics on the forum....lovely photos, and a wealth of knowledge.

I have five Irish at the moment, and often get greeted by complete strangers saying...'Do you live along Eastwood Road? I see you walking a couple of those beautiful red dogs...Irish setters aren't they? You don't see many of them these days.' To which I reply (tongue in cheek)  'You do round my way!!' :-))

welcome to the site emma .its brill and its also addictive lol

Hi Emma, Darcey, Ollie, you 4 kids and hubby


We've come across this forum two years ago when we got our two puppies, and we basically grew with this forum. I have received a lot of good advice and experience, and now I am able to share what I learnt.


You will also find that when you and your dogs go through a hard time, people on the forum give you comfort. The same, we all share a lot of fun (you've got to when you love Setters :))




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