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Haha is that what Angela was talking about with Elsa?!

LOL....just so typical :-))

OMG Elsa is an angel after all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  <;0)

Lolol Seeeee.....!!! There's always someone worse off! lol So funny!

OMG is right Angela ! Still want an Irish Kimberley? Lol :)))
That's a brilliant picture Rob :))

All I know is I'm not letting my husband anywhere NEAR this site!   I'm keeping this under my hat! lol

I have a broken rib and I laughed so much it's agony! Great picture.Thank you!

Sorry about that rib Howard? Did you get bowled over by a Red?

So funny i laughed out loud and made Finlay jump (",)

No ,the snow!


Howard, I'm starting to believe that somehow we're related... That's the kind of stuff that only happens in my family! :-)

Get well soon !




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