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ThanksTeresa,I was ok until I sneezed this morning....I hope I don't get a cold ...yet!

Our dogs may well be related!

Incidently, our both our current boys have been very good about chewing and tearing things apart. They only go after their designated toys and an occasional nose in the garbage bin. They are two years now and growing up very nicely.

Love that picture. 

I am dreading my home ending up like that but with a red&white !  Super stealth isn't the expression for her when she spots a large spider running across the floor, its as though she teleports herself. She then picks them up between her teeth, and either spits them out, or swallows them.  Obviously they come in varying flavours !!!!

love this Rob, am pinching it for facebook, hope that is ok???  Brilliant to have something to smile about in these days of cold and greyness. I think I have been lucky with my three boys as have cerainly not come home to anything like this...so far lol!!! Howard hope you feel better soon, sounds very ouchy....have just recovered after breaking my arm in two places,,,,that wasn't setters or snow....just a supermarket!!!

It is awful having a broken limb,Christine,glad you have recovered.

I once had a setter who totally destroyed a settee in about five minutes,I was on the 'phone in another room (to my Household Insurance co !) and was devastated when I saw the carnage! It was the only time she ever did anything like that.I never thought to take a photo.

I'm not surprised Howard you were probably in shock lol!!!

Christine, its all yours.
You do realize we photoshopped that?

oh yes but really great photo, very clever of you Rob!! Just thought it was polite to ask lol!!

Saw the unphotoshopped version on Facebook earlier with the original dog - much prefer this version! ;)

Keba was kind enough to loan the wagging tongue Was hoping to cheer up Angela. Wanted to give everyone a good chuckle.
Well Rob, you achieved this alright! :-)))




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