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Incontinence, Bladder infection or something else?

Hi everyone,

Last morning, we slept in for a little longer than usual. When she got up, Pitanga had a stain of urine in her bed. She is a very clean dog, so I'm sure this was not on purpose, but while she was asleep.

She does not show any signs of discomfort, and she did not repeat it after that, but it still made me feel really worried. She was spayed about a year ago, so I'm also worried about incontinence, even though I never heard of incontinece like this.

What do you think? was this just because she stayed longer than usual without a pee walk? Or could this be the beggining of something worse?

Does anyone have any simillar experience and could share some advice? 

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If this issue happens more t han once with any of mine, then I would collect a urine sample and run it over to the vets just to check. There can be a number of reasons why this happens, and better safe than sorry.

I had a couple of spayed bitches who both started to have small leaks when they had been sleeping or just lying down. 

It is quite common, more so in spayed Irish Setters apparently.  I read somewhere that around 68% of IS bitches who are spayed develop some incontinence.

My two were given daily doses of Propalin Syrup (I think that is how it is spelt, it was a long time ago) and the leaking stopped completely. They were given the syrup daily for the rest of their lives with no problems.

My friend's Dobermann bitch leaked a lot after spaying and the syrup helped her bitch too.

I got the first couple of bottles from the Vet and then asked for a repeat prescription and bought it cheaper online.

Thank you so much Torie and Fran!

This is a one time thing, at least so far. If she continues to be OK, I'll just wait and consult our usual vet, the one that spayed her next week. If she shows any disconfort, any sign of infection,pain, or if it happens again, I'll take her to our "weekend vet" as we are curently on our easter break They are also very good, but maybe she should be followd by the person who spayed her!

ok if she is spayed, then there could be hormonal changes and propalin syrup maybe the answer.  However, a urine test would be necessary to rule out urine infection or struvite crystals in the urine first though.

We've just (one week ago) started using propolin on our 12 year old spayed bitch- it's worked right from the beginning- hope it goes on working!




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