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Has anyone any suggestions for indistructable toys for Saffy our Irish  who has just passed 12 months?


We have had doggie chew ropes which have been disintegrated in a few dsys, tennis balls are stripped of their covering (and eaten if we don't get them off her in time!!)

Squeaky toys, Doggie teddies etc., Rubber Rings, Rubber Bones, have all gone the same way, they never last more than a week!!!  She has a Kong, but hey! she's an Irish Setter and it's far too much trouble to fiddle and try and get titbits out, so she expects us to do it for her!!!!

Nyla Bones last but she gets fed up with them very quickly.


She likes to play and we need to find something suitable for her as she needs to be kept occupied..  She has destroyed the garden, digging holes in the lawn and chewing plants so any suggestions please !!

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Anorther setter!
That's what I was going to say!!!!
At twelve months... too rough, too many knocks and spills. Get your dog a todder, or an old sofa! Granted neither is indestructable but the sofa could take a while and most toddlers wouldnt be missed!!
Yes we have a Burmese who was brought up from 3 months with an Irish who we lost just over a year ago at almost 14years old.  Fudge (the cat) can't understand why Saffy is so rough, but she stands up to her!!  At last they are settling down after many a ruck!!
Yes!!!!  Snowshoe cats work too!!!
Like IT!! Ha HA!

I have yet to find any dog toy that an IRWS cannot destroy when it puts it's mind and teeth to work.

The best thing I have found for IRWS puppies are small deer antlers, either the small ones from roe deer, or the larger ones from young red deer. I sometimes find them on the hill behind my house where there are deer.

Deer antlers are unbelievably tough, I have had  some which have lasted up to three years

At my age (the wrong side of 65)  I don't think I'd survive!!!!  Used to have 3 setters together  but that was over 10 years ago!  LOL!
Yes if I wasn't the wrong side of 65!!  We had 3 together but that was over 10 years ago!
Our Miss Molly is not that destructive at 2 years but she does have an old water polo ball ( slightly deflated ) out in the yard to carry around and to wrestle with...leather and about the size of a soccer or volleyball....have also used an old leather football for my other Irish boys in the past. Wish I could figure out how to put a video of her playing with it on here. She also loves the kongs you put kibble treats in ( I use another type of dry dog food to avoid adding extra weight on for her as she has been spayed.

These are really tough toys !! 


gonut toys



Thanks have checked this site out looks good.




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