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Has anyone any suggestions for indistructable toys for Saffy our Irish  who has just passed 12 months?


We have had doggie chew ropes which have been disintegrated in a few dsys, tennis balls are stripped of their covering (and eaten if we don't get them off her in time!!)

Squeaky toys, Doggie teddies etc., Rubber Rings, Rubber Bones, have all gone the same way, they never last more than a week!!!  She has a Kong, but hey! she's an Irish Setter and it's far too much trouble to fiddle and try and get titbits out, so she expects us to do it for her!!!!

Nyla Bones last but she gets fed up with them very quickly.


She likes to play and we need to find something suitable for her as she needs to be kept occupied..  She has destroyed the garden, digging holes in the lawn and chewing plants so any suggestions please !!

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Yes know what you mean Saffy is our 5th IS, we never learn!! But I wouldn't swop her or have any other breed!  Love them!!




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