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can you help me with information as to what is neccessary for the Belgian Champion - a friend of mine would like to know and we could not find anything.

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That's what I've found:
4 CAC (minimum 1 at international show) under 3 different judges,
between the first and last CAC, a minimum period of one year and one day must have elapsed
(CAC in Brussels = 2x 'normal' CAC)
Thank you, where did you find this?
for setters you also need a working test, i think it should be done there, not any country, but it is best to ask the club itself.
Not in Belgium - no tests needed there!
i am 99% sure that you need it.
I will ask Yvonne - I did not think her dogs had any working tests. Same as Benny - they defintely do not!
but they are not belgian champions!! only netherlands...
I see!
what is CQN? And how is the qualifier?
There are other countries, where you need a working test, but in some you can use the one you need for the Interchamp - which makes more sense anyway. Those different rules are not really sensible in many ways.
Super, my dog has this one, and some more, but of course not in Belgium. But as you all know, Belgium is not any of my favourite destinies any more!
CQN = Certificat de Qualités Naturelles. and is not recognized as qualification in most of the countries in this part of europe. only good, very good and excellent.
Well, we will of course have to through Belgium every time we go to Britain, but for the time being we are not going - we have puppies, so no Crufts and Dublin or the Festival will not see us either as my daughter will have her first baby just then. I do have my priorities.




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