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I thought some of you might be interested in reading the article "The Long Road Back" which starts on page 70 of the current Dog News. It is not a long article, but two members of this site (Cassie Allen and Susan Russell) were interviewed and quoted extensively about Irish setters that both hunt and compete in conformation classes.

Unfortunately, you do have to scroll through to page 70.





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I get 'Obedience and Rally Musings'  when I looked!
 2 clicks after that article just past the wien add.

Hi Christina,

I would very much like to read it too....but cannot find it on page 70 ?!

According to the scroll at the bottom (which, once its loaded, you can jump ahead by clicking on the last offering) it starts on page "74". They do not make it easy, I suppose so no one pirates it.

Many thnaks for this, Christina. I was able to read the article, though it is split into many parts by the many adverts. I really loved the photo on page 140. Congratulations to the authors and breeders!


The magazine was unknown to me and it looks like lots of money goes into those adverts! Brilliant and creative photography, but shocking to see so many breeds that are still costumary cropped and docked. We have become used to uncropped Doberman, Great Danes, Bouvier de Flandres, Boxers, undocked hunting & terrier breeds: it actually hurts to see them like this. Trimming a presentation is so different to what we are used to - I'll admit I prefer the more natural style...

Susan, I couldn't agree with you more. I first met "untrimmed" and dogs with full tails in Sweden way back in 2000 on a trip there, and agree that that is the way they should be shown. Irish. Ugh. In America they have to be trimmed a certain way to even be looked at -- but hair grows back. At least my boy's hair grows back. Quickly For many years I bred Australian shepherds and hated the old fashioned "you have to crop their tails" - mine were working dogs, so I didn't.


There are a few brave souls here who show their dogs undocked, with full ears (and one poodle I saw at Westminster with a corded coat). They pay their price in the politics, but the movement is starting. We don't generally do anything to our Irish before we show them but bathe and brush them, and I have no complaints. My boy is almost finished -- and he's placed well in the field -- so times may be a-changing.

I hope that is the case.

I'm tired of the American dogs being blasted for "all hair, no substance" - one thing I liked about this article was the highlight on some breeders that agree and who are trying to do something about the situation.






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