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Hello I just joined and was glad to find a setter forum that would accept a mixed IS. Tried a couple of others that were quite rude when I said that he wasn't pure. Jiggers is a cross between an IS and a golden retriever. He just turned 18 months and has the energy of the energizer bunny on speed. He lives with a younger brother who is already almost twice his weight and two, soon to be three cats.

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Welcome Jiggers and Dawn, I too are new and are still feeling my way around ES too. I and my Red Kids have meet some lovely people and gee an Irish golden mix would be a barrel of fun. :) Look forward to some photos. Take care Dianne, flame, Ruby and Poppy.

I know an Irish/GR cross and he is lovely,I know Jiggers will be a lively dog.Welcome!

Welcome Dawn!

Jiggers is absolutely gorgeous, and looks like a lot of fun! I never met any IS/GR crosses, but from what I know of both breeds, I'm pretty sure when it comes to missbehaving and fooling around, Jiggers is 100% setter! :-)

I hope you enjoy ES, but mostly that you have loads of fun with Jiggers and the rest of the family!

Welcome Dawn and Jiggers. Nothing wrong with a setter retriever mix.  Gun dog is gun dog. Love his picture :-)

Welcome on board, Dawn & Jiggers! Enjoy!

Welcome Jiggers and Dawn. Remember if Jiggers does any thing silly it will be the Golden coming out in him :-). Looking for ward to more pics as he has fun with his family.

Hugs Rhonda Murphy and Kerry.

Lovely mix!

I saw what I thought was a St Bernard at a recent companion show.  He was lead down with it's owner, enjoying the sunshine.  I'd not seen one for a while so I took notice of it so imagine my surprise when it got up and it had the body if a very large Basset Hound!

Welcome Dawn to a great doggy site!

Welcome, hope you get as much enjoyment out of this site as I do. Jiggers is a handsome dog




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