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I have a 4yr old Irish boy who will be joined in December by a second Irish boy aged 11 weeks, any advice on introductions 1st few days would be really appreciated

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I do the same as Sue, and usually bring them in one at a time as a mad rush of 5 big dogs would be rather alarming for the little fellow!!

I do remember the early days when we brought a pup in to our then only boy's domain ...he ignored him totally for about a week except for the odd growl now and then when the pup was too exuberant...we were so upset cos we thought Dino would love the new baby instantly. After that they were truly inseparable.

I also find my bitches and some of the dogs get very dribbly and froth at the mouth at the new puppy smell for a few days...of course they then share the excess slobber! Disgusting!! :)

We use a crate for a short time when we have to leave them together and can't be there...safer for the puppy and the others quickly accept his presence.

You must be really excited at the thought of your new puppy....I'm sure you will have loads of fun with both of them.

Thanks both,

we are planning to use the crate at night and on odd occasion we are not around to supervise them together.

I feel better knowing that most dogs get used to the new pup fairly quickly

hi andrea, how lovely, a new baby setter!!! i am probably a novice at this having only done itthree times in all, each time was different!! we had merlin and introduced jack....merlin was over the moon to have a playmate as he was only 6mnths old when we added jack.....yes mad i know!! a bit further on we got into showing and bought harry.....again merlin was interested but not fazed, jack however was very put out for a long time but eventually he and harry became inseparable. sadly jack was not a well dog and died in may this year aged 5 yrs....harry was inconsolable, as were we of course, merlin seemed to cope better but co incidentally his breeder was having another litter......i held out for quite a while but of course when i saw the puppies changed my mind and it felt like there was a huge hole left by jack so we now have george aged 4 mnths.....george adored harry from the start and followed him everywhere, we tried a cage having used one previously but gave up.....he just wanted to be with harry. it took a good week for harry to accept him, there was a lot of posturting and showing off going on  but they too are now best friends and harry is like a different dog, so happy. harry is now 3 1/2 and merlin is 6. sure merlin gets fed up sometimes and lets george know it!! i'm sure it is natural to worry but enjoy your new puppy!!

Well, I do mine completely differently.   I always take my dogs with me to pick up the new recruit and a friend.  Before I put the puppy in the crate in the car I rub it down with a towel that has his new pack's smell on it. We find somewhere to let all of the dogs out, let them run off a bit of steam and whilst they are distracted put the new puppy down and walk as if it's a usual day.  The adults come back as usual, see the puppy, sniff it, check it out, take their reward and carry on.  The new puppy is submissive, nobody gets upset, we return to the car as usual, put the puppy in the crate load everyone up and go home.   When I get home we let the dogs out as usual, put down the puppy and follow the usual routine. The adults are interested but then follow their routine, the puppy follows them, I watch, of course, I then put the puppy into the crate and leave them alone because they all usually flop down after a trip in the car.   The reason I do this is because they are introduced, swapped their smells all on neutral ground and nobody is possessive over an area/item.  When I feed them, I do the adults first and then the puppy and try to establish a pecking order from the first, if the adults growl when the puppy is too much, I don't intervene.   I would never leave a puppy unprotected with the adults but I do let them mingle as much as possible.  Setters are usually maternal/paternal.  What shouldn't been done is reprimanding the adult, keep their status in tact, as the puppy grows and becomes more pushy put the puppy in the crate and endorse the older dogs behavior.  You have to be brave tho' and let the adult take "charge" it is very rare for a puppy to be bitten by an adult but respect their right not to be pestered to death by the new young pretender.   It can be nerve wracking but I have found that this has been the best way to introduce a new puppy and I had Irish for 40 years but dogs all of my life.


we have quite a long trip to pick the pup up and I wasn't sure if we should take Merlin - who loves going places or not.

I thing the message is to just take things slowly and let them sort it out between them

Definately take Merlin and part of the meeting together is the journey home and everyone becoming part of the pack and yes do take it slowly and CALMLY.   Good luck and enjoy your new puppy

Because we are not picking him up until 11 weeks he will have had his injections, the breeder is going to get them done along with the bitch puppy she is keeping herself

So pleased to hear that Andea, I read Georgina`s reply this morning and that part did bother me.Maybe I am to cautious but I never even put a puppy down at the vets until they have had both vacs. and my puppys never go straight on to the vets table I always have them on one of my bath towels. I interduced my new puppy 7 weeks ago to my two girls, they were both afraid of her and it took 2 weeks before they trusted her so that was slow interduction. When I interduced my 2nd.setter to my first I walked in with the pup my setter sniffed her, licked her took her for a drink they had a small meal after 1/2 hour and they curled up together and went to sleep and from that first day they have always been very close. Enjoy your new pup ,I know I am, give her a hug from me, good luck <:0) 

Sorry, I had, of course, assumed that he would be innoculated at 11 weeks.  Also I live in Highland Scotland so it is easy to find an area where there would be minimum risk of meeting other dogs and therefore it is safe to put a new puppy onto the ground.  My suggestion did sound reckless - I too am paranoid about vets and new puppies.  My vet has to come to the car to do the innoculation so quite understand where you are coming from.   We are all like mother hens aren't we - we just love our dogs and want them to have the best possible start in life.

Just a quick update Fergal arrived sunday, everything going well so far no growling or battles. so proud of Merlin who just puts up with him

Andrea,LOVE the name! Fergal is so cute! Glad to hear all is well :)




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