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I hope she is found very soon :-(


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I am so very glad to hear your girl is home. I unfortunately know first hand what it is like to have one not be returned. She's one fine looking lass and I'm sure she is much relieved to be home.

this is a wonderful news !!!! so glad to hear she's home :)))

I am not sure how a dog can look "lost" while sitting outside the shop: so she wasnt tied ??? not that we leave oberon, but i never seen a dog left outside without beeing at the lead..

yes.. Oberon has tattoo, microchip, and he's also wearing the ID with address, microchip info,  and two mobile numbers, mine and that of my husband.. when he's on holiday with some career families we swap the ID tag with one with the mobile number of that family and the writing "I am on holiday, I staying with Mrs XY" :)




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