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Irish setter Seamus is in the vets/hospital due to an obstruction/blockage.

Richard, the owner of Seamus has rescued many Irish setters over the years. At the moment Richard has two Irish setters. One of them, Seamus, is having treatment for an obstruction/blockage. In 2011 Seamus had bloat and surgery cost Richard $5,500 and his other dog was attacked a little while back and vet bills came to nearly $2,000. These vet bills have wiped out his bank account. Richard could do with some help to pay the vet bills that stand at nearly $3,000 at this moment. Richard lives in Canada.

Payment method has been set up through the rescue where Richard got Seamus from some time ago. All donations will be used to help cover this latest vet bill and will got directly to the vet from the rescue. No donation is too small and will obviously help.

Thanking you in advance.


The link is below. You may have to copy and paste it.


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Prayers that Seamus does OK.  They are a worry.  Just as a suggestion in the future, has he considered doggie health insurance?  I've had it for a number of years, and I have to say, with my current redhead and the one who crossed the Bridge in 2008, it's been a godsend with the vet bills we've had due to multiple medical conditions

indeed, medical insurances, at least when they work, are a bless... but I guess it would be extremely difficult for them to find one once the dog is already ill.. something to be thought in advance.. I hope seamus will reach the amount very soon :( (just made my contribution.. )

Thank you so much for the donation, Sylvia. I am not too sure, but it may be Richard could not get insurance as Seamus suffered with bloat a while back. It could be that he just could not afford it.

Seamus is back at home now, but needs to be watched. He has managed to pass some of the obstruction, but not all of it. Once again, I thank you.


Thank you Judith. Seamus is back home now, but must be watched in case he shows signs of ill health again. He has managed to pass some of the obstruction, but still more that needs to be moved. As for insurance, it could be he could not get insurance as Seamus did suffer with bloat some time ago. It could be that he simply could not afford it. Not everyone has enough money for insurance. This is not an ideal world, but I am sure he would have got insurance if at all possible.

Once again I thank you for the good wishes.


Gladly will contribute Andy. But I'll need to have once again my children to help as my computer skills are atrocious! Lol I hope Seamus is ok and god bless Richard for taking these lost souls into he's home.... :0))

Thank you very much, Dianne.

About time you got the children to teach you some computer skills and when they have finished perhaps they could teach me.

Andy xx

Lovely news Andy, hopefully Seamus continues to do well. I imagine Richard will be a little relieved. :0)

Hi Dianne. I think Richard is more than a little relieved and Seamus still needs to be relieved a little more! Thank you for the donation.

Andy xx




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