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I was going to order some Plush Puppy products but as the amount came to £65.00 for 4 items, I decided to wait and ask your opinion.  Is it worth the money and is there anything from the range that you could not live without, or is there something else on the market that will achieve the same result for half the price?  

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I thought the shampoo was excellent but I'm still reserving judgement on the other stuff.  The Drycoat was a God send and thanks for the tip.  I always thought that using a shampoo with Henna in it was a bit naughty but it didn't change the colour (his coat is nice and dark already), but it did leave it with a lovely shine.

I am afraid that I use Panten....and feed the best food I can + vitamins and minerals and Salmon oil....and my dogs coat is very shiny and great texture...admitted his coat isn't as long and thick as some, but that I think will come with time...I also have in the past used Almond oil rubbed into the coat a couple of days before I shampoo...

People do say that Plush Puppy is a really great shampoo, but it is really expensive and some of us just can't afford £65 for 4 items....

As for the Oil on the coat I sometimes use Avon Skin So Soft....it works as well as Sea Breeze Oil (it has a great side affect too...keeps the midges away...)

I have to say that I agree with you, Dee.  I also feed the dogs with oil supplements and both are now on a raw diet with plenty of veg and bones.  Diet is the key.  It doesn't matter how much product you use on the coat if the structure isn't right and you only get that from good nutrition.

I will only use the Plush Puppy in preparation for a show and go back to the usual brand for maintenance baths.  Poundland is a good place to pick up cheap shampoo.

Like Dee i use Pantene conditner on Finlay it says smooth and silky and that is just what his coat is like, but i'm lucky he has quite a straight coat anyway (",)




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