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Do setters get allergies? My 6 month old puppy seems to be very itchy. We have not changed his diet at all recently.

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recent flea/tick treatment? and yes, they can get allergies. one of mine was itchy during summer when we lived in somerset. never before or after (lived somewhere else then, so i assume i was some kind of plant blooming in that area...). 

It would be a good idea to feed your puppy with a raw diet such as NUTRIMENT. This really helps to stop itchy skin problems. Also have your puppy blood tested by your vet to find out what is causing the problem....some of them can be allergic to grass and weeds. Or your puppy could be allergic to something in the food. There are so many possibilities it is worth getting your vet to do the test.

although many dogs dislike nutriment as it is very sloppy but do well on "proper" minces and chunks. :) 

The nutriment I buy isn't sloppy. The long sausages are quite messy but the blocks in tubs are not so that is what I buy....much cleaner and easy to handle.

well it is compared to other suppliers :) not only in my opinion. but actually it doesn't matter, we all feed what we think is best! (i fed the litter on it and some tubes exploded and the ceiling and wall was a mess, still waiting for refund/replacement. but that's another matter too.)

I agree that the nutriment in tubes is very messy once thawed out. When I was really ill with champylobacter a couple of months ago I couldn't feed it as I couldn't stomach the smell or sight of it. I stopped buying the tubes and bought the boxes which are much better. They are much more solid. I started feeding this on someone else's recomemmdation and didn't know how I would cope with it as I am veggie but apart from the tubes when I was ill I haven't had a problem. I don't know what it is like compared to other raw foods as I haven't tried any others. This appeal led because it contains veg and several superfoods as well.
Doesn't have to be nutriment any balanced raw diet is good for skin problems. Just suggested nutriment as I use it have found it works and haven't had a problem with it.

i know and see my comment above, it doesn't really matter, and everything is better than processed kibble. i am by no means against it as mine were fed on it for long years (grain free). my partner is a vegetarian and copes well, she isn't fond of tripe smell and liver texture :) 

Can understand that I couldn't cope with tripe!Don't mind liver funnily enough,when I used to take my stall around the shows I also made liver cake for the dogs and would bake it in huge batches. I had to liquidize it and chop it all up. I was so tired one night doing it that I forgot to put the top on the liquidizer....it went everywhere, ceiling, floor, kitchen tops and me!!


Hello Ali, how is going with the skin? just to add that we feed Oberon alternating nutriment (in boxes, tubes are sooo messy i agree!) and natural instinct and it really helped him over the years with the coat and belly problem. As soon as we shift to canned food , as we have while we travel, he starts to have runny stools. so, definitely if there is some intolerance, they are very sensitive to it... is a bit of trial and error at that age, but i agree that raw food definitely helps. We recently found also some raw food in sausage form (costwold) that he loves , it is a bit more expensive so we   just order it as a special monthly treat, but it looks more as a toy and he loves it : )))




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