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Just wanted to share what happened today. In Australia we have some very dangerous snakes spiders etc. This morning one of those snakes visited us. I looked our the glass door and there was my big ginger cat playing with it. Molly our setter thought she would help. I got Molly away but as I am really frightened of snakes not so good with the cat. Luckly it all ended up o.k.but just had to share. We live in Sydney but in a bushy area. Our weather has been such that they seem to be in the surburbs more this year. It means that Molly will have to be kept in side more. If bitten death is very quick.

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thanks... yes Pittwater is beautiful. I love London been 3 times not again for while though saving the dollars...

Turramurra is on the north shore of Sydney and about as you would be aware around 40 minutes from the northern beaches. I would like to know where they take their dogs though.

Eunice i am surprised to hear you do not have many dog beaches in NSW - I am not sure where you are but I have friends with weimaraners who are always at their local dog beach.

NSW is the most dog friendly of all with their blanket rule dog laws - WA makes it very difficult to own more than two in many council areas.


Our beaches are amazing though!

Our beaches are great but we live in Sydney and no go with dogs... Every council does not allow them. The central coast have some but that is not Sydney. We live on the northern beaches. Unless you are a breeder we also have strict dog rules regarding how many dogs you can own

I was of the understanding that there is no limit to dog numbers accross the whole state of NSW.  There are attempts at restrictions in certain areas but no one council can overrule the statewide but the Companion Animals Act states there is no limit.


from an australian dog forum:

In NSW there is no limit. In having said that however, each and every Council can suggest their own limits and implement local by-laws. Most don't do this.

In NSW, generally speaking, unless you are running a commercial operation you can have any number of animals providing that health and noise regulations are abided by and that the neighbours do not complain.



As for having few to no dog beaches - well that is just sad!!

I live on Sydney's northern beaches in the LGA of Pittwater. Some residents here complain just about anything and having a number of dogs and cats is a constant one. Pittwater does not allow quite alot of things especially dogs on beaches. I am not sure but I think you are from WA which is quite different. Most councils in Sydney do implement their own by-laws.I am leaving this discussion where it is.  
This probably won't help very much however when we were in Aus last year we stayed in Bundeena at a most amazing Boathouse on the beach and it was definitely a dog friendly beach. We used to see people bbqing on the beach and dogs offlead were helping out. Waiting on a response from family as to where they go.    
Bundeena is a 1/1/2 hour drive from us at least.. the other side of Sydney Royal National Park. In Pittwater and most of Sydney dogs are no go. Places like Bundeena central coast, south coast are not really part of the Sydney metro area. Signs are everywhere and if we took our dog on the beach it is a heavy fine. I could travel 1 hour to the central coast and take Molly on the beach. It is drive on the freeway and not really what you would do just to take your dog on the beach. I am o.k. with what we have. For some reason she does not like water anyway. I have lived in Sydney all my life it is a large city and there are rules by councils. We have a resue lady on the beaches who was forced to move elsewhere because of the number of animals she had.She is still living in the area but in a different zone which is rural. Thanks for your concern as to finding somewhere to take her but like I said it is not a real problem just a comment I made earlier in this discussion.   




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