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Murfee is a beautiful 15 month old setter he is on a natural raw food diet and has a beautiful shiny coat.  However we have noticed that he is quite lethargic particularly a.m. and we have to drag him out for a walk particularly when going in car while we are out he's fine and running about but tired after a walk (usually an hour).  He's been prescribed Sulphur to take for a couple of days (not yet received).  Maybe he's just a very laid back dog but I'm not sure.  Has anybody had any experience of this happening with their setter/s.  Or has anybody got any advice to pass on?

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Great news about Murfee, it's worring when they are ill, (",)

what a relief for you Theresa! I am so happy for you and so glad the experts got it so wrong!

I would be careful vaccinated in the future, if you need to it is better to do when the weather is cooler than hot. The stress from hot weather and vaccines can cause a reaction. Glad your boy is doing better




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