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I know i have mentioned this before, but life truly is better with a setter. Whether you have just the one, or your own pack (or anything in between) could you imagine life without them? One look into those eyes and your heart is lost forever. Life is also better with Exclusively Setters, where we get to share them (and so much more!) with each other.

That being the case, i would like to recognise this by proposing to the community that we adopt this as our Exclusively Setter motto. Let us celebrate something for a change.

Er, can i have a seconder?

My sincerest regards,


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I would hate to imagine my life without my setters 

YES, Well done James,I remember you mentioning this phrase before liked it then, and think to have a moto is a realy good idea. Now I have to confess, I liked your moto so much.......

haha That's awesome Angela! You're not just a hearer of the word, you're a do-er! :)

Nice one, Angela. I love it!

or even two!

How's the wee pup?

He is adorable David, and doing just fine.

angela, i absolutely love the t-shirt!!!! (and the lot of poetry going on on this blog;)

Life is better with a Setter,

And 2 and 3 and 4.

Life's even better with 5 Setters,

We haven't room for more!

Our setter boys fill our house with love, fun, muddy paw prints and red hair but we wouldn't change a thing! I love the life is better with a setter James! I may borrow in the future :-)

I liked your saying last time you said it, and agree you get dafter, i know thats what my neighbours think about me, i can here them saying there goes that mad women out in all weathers with the dog, did you see her running round the fields in all that snow (",)

Did you throw snowballs at him, I think it is lovely when they look for the ball, thing is often they do pick up the snow that you through.Hate the snow, love the games <:0)

Lovely James. Reading all the replys makes me know why I love and own setters, your a lovely bunch of people :) Ellen it might just pass your bleak weather getting out and about with your Finlay...better than inside. And I hope Rover-Corinne you fill your home soon with another Irish :))) thinking of you x




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