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Hi Ronnie woke today and very sleepy and walking with limp not himself and off food.Took to emergency vet full check,said could be liver shunt have to have full blood test and xray Tuesday(after bank hols)

Has anyone else suffered with this?we only had him 1 week should we contact breeder?

All started when we changed his diet to Orijen puppy from pedigree puppy last Monday?vet said high protein could be causing toxins?He now on boiled chicken and rice.We have the KC 4weeks free insurance that the breeder gave us,anyone know if this will cover him if he needs surgery?

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Thank you

Hi Paul, sorry to hear Ronnie is not well, and such a young boy, thinking of you


So sorry to hear about Ronnie, I hope he gets well soon....:(

thank you


George did have an X-ray which showed  that the shunt was inside the liver therefore very difficult to correct,but a shunt can be outside the liver and can often be rectified , they also tested for other things such as diabetes and pancreatitis .The operation  is a very specialised operation and I doubt anyone but a specialist could do it.

However I would say that Ronnie's symptoms ,hopefully, might be caused by something less serious.The blood test will tell the vet most things.

If you can try put the worry to one side and try to relax it would be better for you and Ronnie.

How is he today?Has the breeder responded?

Hi Howard

Our vet called today and booked him in for blood tests on Tuesday,he was very reassuring and he to said it could be something less serious especially as he is a lot more lively when awake than he has been very puppy like today biting, running round ,if that makes sense?He is off the high protein food so we will see Tuesday.A lot more relaxed today and the breeder wants us to keep her informed.Thanks for your help.Paul

So pleased Ronnie is showing signs of improvement and hope fully the diagnosis will be less severe than first anticipated. It is quite difficult to get our ISs on the right diet and just when we thought we had got it 'sussed' Hamilton developed Pancreatitis one Sunday afternoon so straight to the Vet Hospital where he was diagnosed and placed on a drip for 24hrs. Since then he has a diet of chicken, boiled white fish and a fish and potato mixer. Two small meals a day and 'fish4dogs' treats. Do have a look at their website it's very informative

Thanks Lois i will.

It is such a worry when they become ill and on re-reading Ronnie's symptoms they read the same as Hamilton's which is very controllable with the right diet so fingers crossed for you Paul. With Ronnie being so young you're probably feeding 4 to 5 times a day

Hi Lois

Ronnie is now on Boiled chicken and rice as the vet said take him off the high protein food and back to what the breeder was feeding him (pedigree puppy) but straight after feeding him pedigree he is like a dog possessed barking biting,so back to the chicken and rice.How was Hamilton before his diet change and what was he feeding on?Glad to hear he is now ok. 

Hi Paul I have always cooked for my ISs chicken, shin of beef, tongue, boiled white fish with a mixer, however it appears Hamilton could not digest any fat hence pancreatitis. When he became ill he just stared at a bush in the garden and was limping on his left rear leg. I felt his tummy which seemed painful hence straight to emergeny vet hospital. He used to love cheese now off the menu with all treats unless fish also no red meat unless it's game - pigeon breasts, rabbit, etc.Ronnie will be fine on boiled chicken and rice until you have a diagnosis personally I don't believe in giving anything unless I know exactly what is in it and after Hamilton's illness I' m even more fussy diet is so important and our ISs are so special. With our boys we were given diet sheets when they came from their breeder and for the 1st 3mths it was 4 small meals a day no complete feed frreshly cooked mince, chicken, fish rice, cookedpotatoes, veggies The other thing is if you change their diet it needs to be done over 5/6 days just adding a little of the new food per meal I really sympathise with you it is such a worry especially when Ronnie should be a happy bundle of mischief I hope your Breeder is being helpful ours is an amazing lady and my knowledge comes from her do let us know how he gets on




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