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Luna stars in a commercial for Arkonik Land Rover Defenders.

One of my client does incredible renovations of classic Land Rover Defenders for the US market. 

I managed to persuade them to let Luna star in one of their videos. She's a natural performer. 


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fits perfectly into that landscape - and with the nutmeg seats! well done! 
she reminds me a bit on my Zilou!

i do a bit of adverts with mine too, so delighted to see this. thanks for sharing.

also, may I share it on facebook? would love to give you credit but would need your real name :) 

Hi Laura, 

Absolutely. My real name is James Cheadle www.jamescheadle.com

I was only responsible for the drone shots in this film. 

thank you :) 

quite unique style of editing in your pics - had a peek around on your website. 

off to facebook now to post the link. thanks again.

that's the Barbour one if you'd like to have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UX-_3U7I4I

(can't find the Flexadin link now...)

That's a great video, and you're right. Zilou does look very much like Luna. 

Irish Setters make everything better. 

Thanks for sharing. 

there's two of mine in the advert, Zilou is the one sniffing the air and straighter coat than the other one (Neita).

i shared your link on facebook and it got fab reactions, one question i was asked what the pedigree name of Luna was :) 

Luna's pedigree name is Porschet Christmas Wish. 

thank you! I know Colette :) 

She was stunning! Outshined the Arkonik!!

LOL - I won't tell the Arkonik people that. 

Luna sure is a natural, well done getting them to agree.

I enjoyed this but once Luna came on the screen,

I wasn`t interested in the Land rover. 

Really fantastic and Luna is amazing.  Nice work!




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