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Malabsorption. Muscle Weaknesses, Bloat - Important Information

For those of you who know. I dramatically put my Tally dogs Myeopathy and laryngeal paralysis into reverse by giving her digestive enzymes to assist her with absorbing her food, even though according to blood test results, there was no problem with her pancreas, but in Barkley's case there was.

Over the past couple of years Tally (now aged 12) has developed a heart arrhythmia.  I have been discussing this with a number of vets and the question of magnesium deficiency was raised.  I asked my own vet today to test her for B12, Folate and zinc deficiency. I also asked to include magnesium.  He agreed that a deficiency of magnesium could be a factor in her condition, but wasn't sure if this could be tested by the laboratory. I then found this article on Google this evening and have been blown away by what it says. This also has implications for bloat, which has a known neuro-muscular component. In fact, one of my first Setters who was a bloater had ALL of the other symptoms listed here.

Magnesium deficiency is massive in humans. I also suspect that it is with dogs. I was also blown over by this article, because the remedy my vets have suggested for Tally's fear of fireworks, which caused her latest crash, is absolutely loaded with...... MAGNESIUM!!!!!

I sent this link to my vet just now, and he got straight back to me and said he will look into adding magnesium into her blood check tomorrow. This is going to be very very interesting, considering this article could have been written about Tally, and particularly my old Lotte, Nalle and Kille - who was my bloater.

Hypomagnesmia in dogs

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Yes, Fran, I know because I have a deficiency in it myself!  And you're right, why should our dogs be any different. But the bloat connection to it, I would never have guessed. I hope everyone reads the link as it will be very interesting to those who have never heard or thought  of it. Keep us updated on the test/results/treatment. I may get my boy tested depending on how you get on with Tally. Best wishes and thanks for posting.

Thank you for the link Fran. Who could know all these intricacies. I much admire your tenacity in trying to get to the bottom of the health issues of your dogs and then the way you share your hard work. I would be interested to hear how it all goes.

Someone has just pm'd me mentioning parasites.  I have a real feeling that parasites may be part of the root cause of malasorption and a compromised immunity. There is more and more work going on in humans on this aspect. The interesting thing is that all my Setters who became ill came to me with a worm load to start off with. My healthiest one is the one who's breeder followed all the correct worming protocols! The problem is with parasites in dogs and humans is that some of them can bury themselves so deep within the body that they remain undetected.  At some point someone is going to draw the entire picture together.  It is happening.  The Truth About Cancer campaign is supporting one of the research projects on this very issue. More information will come out on this I am sure.

following this topic with the greatest of interest...


This looks as though this is going to turn into a major research topic and subsequent paper with the assistance of some vets who have taken a real interest in this.  If I come across any immediately interesting snippets, or I am sure in time require questionnaires filled in, and even case histories from anyone who is willing to submit information, I will add to this thread. I don't have any idea how long this study will take, as this is still in the very early stages of discussions, but it will go ahead.




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