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Missing irish setter Molly - Congresbury, North Somerset area

Molly is a 12 year old irish setter.  She went out to spend a penny on Boxing Day and has not been seen since.

Her owners are not on the internet so we do not have a photograph yet (will post one as soon as received) but all relevant authorities have been notified - dog warden, local vets etc.

If anyone is in the Congresbury BS49 area, please can you help spread the word and look out for Molly. Her owners are desperate to find her.

Click on the link for more info and contact details.


Many thanks,

Kathryn / Jackalee - DogLost Area Co-ordinator NW 

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Thanks Viv.  

I've received further information about the found setter in Bicester.  She is approx. 2 years old so it doesn't sound like Molly.  The found has been involved in an RTA and is injured but being treated by a local vet until her owner can be found.


So sad to hear about Ruby, brought tears to my eyes looking at her picture :(

Will post the link for Molly on my Facebook in the hope that someone who lives near will see.

Also posted to the "Your Dog" forum.

Just wondered if there has been any news.....good or bad.....about Molly

Hi Torie, no news at all, good or bad I'm afraid.  Its like she has just disappeared.  I keep checking back on her page and there have not been any updates since the 22/01.  I wish I lived closer :(

What a tragedy, I don't hold out much hope for the old girl.  I think a miracle is needed now.  I just wish I could make one happen.

awww i have just been reading this, i really hope molly is found, somebody stole my setter when i was little, it doesnt bare thinking about, id be totally lost without mine, i do hope she is found soon, come on molly you can do it. your owners are missing you x x x

Id hoped by now that she would have been found. I cant believe with all todays techno and chipping ,rescue places that one can loose a dog and it not be found quickly enough. My heart goes out to you. Its 12mth just since my last oldie died and i think of him everyday. Thats how it is with the oldies we love them just as much as the pups.




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