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People are strange. I just read about survey results on peoples response to "What do you think is the most beautiful dog breed?" Just to show what poor taste people have, the Irish Setter ranked below dogs like the german shepard, black lab and the occasional bulldog. My opinion is that most of these folks need to go see an optometrist. How can that silky red coat not win first place? Opinions anyone? 

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Beauty always is hard to discuss- either you feel it or you just don't. I know that some people don't like chestnut/ red others totally adore it. My choice would be the Irish Wolfhound- sadly won't ever be able to own one.

our IRWS won prettiest bitch at a fun show at the weekend  she is the right hand one http://www.flickr.com/photos/89528755@N06/8145367831/in/photostream/       so I am biased

They get my vote David. They are beautiful gals.

Maybe the people surveyed don't know what an Irish setter is! The Shepard, black lab and brittish bulldog are seen around a bit. But yes Pat I agree, that lovely coat sure catches your eye. :0)
Congratulations David on your girls win, you must be proud.

We went to essex fun day it was a nightmare she made the final 20 out of about 200 but to see them running and having fun is more impressive than their looks.Our red old lady is a large dog a lot of the young ones I see now seem too thin

Dianne I think you may be right, Irish are few a far between here in Utah. People are always asking what kind of dog is that? The red coat makes them curious. Not every one is old enough to remember the Big Red movie when I was a kid. We need a modern movie featuring Irish Setters!

One thing is for sure Pat. When I meet someone out walking my Irish, they bring back fond memories for the ones who stop to talk and pat them. Makes me happy to be owned by this lovely breed.
May have told this story but yrs ago with one of my boys, Kane, we were at a park on a lake and there was a visiting group of Japaese school girls probably 12-14 age range and they had never seen a dog with red hair and they fawned all over him. Just gushing and giggling and you know our Irish just hate to be the center of attention. It was very sweet.

We were in the country park when we were separated from our red and whites by a large column of joggers they were panicing. Our older red irish was in the middle of the path with the group going either side of her and getting lots of pats on the head,she would go off with anyone who gave her attention .the red and whites are a little more reserved/cautious

I think it's just what people are brought up with...Dulux dogs, Andrex puppies and the such.  People don't have that much imagination to see past the obvious.  Can't say I'm that impressed with Labs at the moment.  Most on the show circuit are over-weight and for one to get RBIS @ Crufts, well don't get me started!  If that was the best representative of today's modern Gundog then I'll give up now!  I thought ALL of the Setters were better than that labrador.

Irish Setters look best in the late evening sun, running free through fields of grass.  And then you get home and spend half an hour picking out all the grass seeds, ticks and creepy crawlies!  There is a downside to a beautiful coat but I'd never give them up.

I love Salukis but don't know if I'd ever want to own one.


My boy has the most beautiful temperament, personality, wicked sense of fun and is the best morning snuggs dog I have ever known. Oh yes and he has a lovely red coat.

I have always had a dog in my life, brought up with Cocker Spaniels and loved every one of them.  Then I married and had two cockers, later our first rescue Irish Toby then one day our daughter brought home a puppy greyhound from the racing kennel where she worked.  I loved them all but I must admit that our Irish have a special place in my heart.




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