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Aware I seem to have uploaded loads of pics (I am using the storage on this website) and that only yesterday I asked about dog coats ...... But Today I have a sick pup and well at risk of making this site the Murphy Forum I wonder can you advise on this too......


Started a week ago today actually...... loose bowel (normal colour) then seemed to get worse (various colours) so I did the resting his stomach then introducing light food (eggs and chicken) but that didnt seem to work...... I should say he was behaving exactly the same as usual in great humour and being naughty funny boy he always is ........ Anyhow I called the vet and picked up some wormers on friday after work and was told to wait till tuesday to see improvement ..... It didnt really happen and he bagan to get a bit unlike himself and still the loose bowel ..... Anyhow today I walked him but kept him on the lead to make sure I seen what he was passing (murphy seems to hide in long grass to poo normally) and to my horror it was black tar ..... I called the vet and they asked me to come up right away ..... He examined and then scanned him for his temp (which was fine) but has prescribed metronizadole and an anti imflamatory for his bowel (he had collitis before and its the same drug) ....... When he got to the vet he was a happy puppy waging his tail and wanting into everything but listening to instructions and doing them ..... Which made the vet think fortunately its not too serious .... but we have to see how he goes till early sat morning and if no improvement they will take him for x ray ..... I am fairly confident in his judgement .......


But how on earth do I stop the little bandit picking up all sorts in the field horse manure and even dog poo and then eating it? Even when on the lead if he sees it before me its gone ! Not all though  there is some that even Murphy doesnt fancy! Vet says his dog is exactly the same and that its common....... Is it ? your advice appreciated as I do tell him no and click him back on if he does it, I try the drop it command (which works with paper etc) but that doesnt work with disgusting stuff!

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Yes he was tip top when you seen him yesterday .... Then I took him to my parents and he made himself at home eating the other pups food ! And no best not to try out the other eating habit Murphy has .... One man told me it tastes like steak, I changed the subject and never pursued it!
Hi Delia,

I think you will find the chicken is too rich especially if it is for,human consumtion. Vets have forgotten that nowadays most foods consist of chicken and rice, so it is of no use if you are trying to clear up an allergic reaction to food. I have a red and a red/white, neither can manage chicken based foods the red /white has a severe reaction if given a chicken based diet. You might try lamb and rice or better still Chappie original tinned which nearly always clears up a gippy tummy. The eating of poo depends what is bing fed, I think possibly that a lot of dogs can smell the blood in the poo before we can see it so it becomes attractive to eat. I have found James Wellbeloved lamb and rice stops this happening. Have had numerous years experience with lots of dogs.

Hope this helps, not sure that i am allowed to put brand names in but these are really helpful,

Good look Mary




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