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My Daisy started coughing 4 days ago and after taking her to the vets who did a chest x-ray has told me that she has lung cancer and actually wanted to put her to sleep straight away. However she was running round the garden last week and I don't feel that she should go just yet.  Does anyone know of anything that will extend her life without making her suffer?  She has got pain killers and the vet said she has about 2 months maybe.  I've had her 12 years and after loosing my Great Dane last month can't stand the thought of loosing another.

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Dear Deborah,
I am so sorry you lost your dog so soon. Tomorrow is the first death anniversary of my dog Andy ( he passed away after the third episode of bloat - postop , and he was twelve years old too) - I still look at the place he used to sleep ( usually as he always kept me within sight - it is opposite my habitual places ) and feel a pang when he is not there , and I am dreading the day. It must be more difficult for you, as you had recently lost another dog. Time is a great healer - I look at photos constantly too and now I relive just the happy moments, of which there were plenty. Their lives are short, but they do bring much joy. Best regards, Amita
Deborah, I am so sorry for your loss. Daisy was a beautiful girl & I know she will be in your heart forever.
deborah so vey sorry to read about daisy
So sorry to read about Daisy, Deborah. My thoughts are with you...
I was so sorry to read this, thinking of you and Daisy bless her. Take care x




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