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Since I am a relatively new member I wanted to take time to introduce my three "boys" to you. I have had Irish for many years but I have only been showing Irish for about ten years. I have been extremely fortunate to have two wonderful people show my dogs. I would love to be able to show them myself but due to neck and back surgery running around the ring is not something I can do. Additionally I would not show them to their potential like an experienced individual. My oldest boy is 8 1/2, his call name is Kirby and it is his picture which appears next to my name. I also have his first son whose name is Bud. He will be seven next month. My third Irish is Kirby's last son, Shane is almost seven months old. I have truly been blessed with these three Irish. All have wonderful temperment, personalities and manners. I am a bit "kennel blind" regarding their conformation as I think all of us have a tendency to be. They are my constant companions and very best friends. Kirby and Bud know all my secrets and have probably told them to Shane. Bud is the best big brother any puppy could have. He spends countless hours playing with Shane and while he keeps him out of much "puppy mischief" he has helped get him into some. Kirby is an excellent father and very tolerant of a seven month puppy at his age. He does play quite a bit with both Bud and Shane and has spent a fair amount of time "schooling" him as he did with Bud. My only real problem is Kirby and Bud have also taught little Mr. Shane some things I wish they wouldn't have.

I welcome questions and comments on them. I am fortunate the worst problem I have had is Kirby straining an ACL in Greeley last month. I have attached pictures of all three.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join the list and share my "boys" with all of you.

Warm regards

Mary Fairchild Shader and of course Kirby, Bud and Shane

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A belated but sincere welcome to you and your boys, Mary. You should feel very much at home here on ES with fellow setter devotees. Best wishes.

Thank you so very much. I apologize for not responding sooner. I have been unusually busy with "the boys" getting all three ready for the show in Rio Rancho NM at the end of the month and in Pueblo CO the following week.

It is extremely kind of you to offer us such a gracious welcome. Keep your fingers (and any other parts) crossed that my Kirby does well. He is recovering from an ACL strain and will only show one day in NM and one day in Pueblo. There is a Veterans Special Attraction in Pueblo which I am hopeful he will do well in. These shows will be Shane's first and I am just hoping he enjoys them. Winning is not near as important as "the boys" having a good time and enjoying themselves. Bud has a great time no matter where he goes and particularly when it includes his "little" brother and his dad.

Mary, Kirby, Bud & Shane




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