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I'm looking after my friends Reddins girls for a few weeks and one of them has just stolen the lovely £20 joint of beef from the back of the worksurface!


Still I gave it a good wash, no one will ever know!

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and you have IS have you learnt nothing!!!!!! thieving little buggers

My own aren't too bad now so obviously I've got a lot to learn.  As the beef was well wrapped up and defrosting I thought it was safe but obviously not safe enough!


Grace my youngest takes all the shoes outside - looks like a shoe shop in the garden!

Whoops!! Obviously thought the beef was for them, sounds about right keep an eye out for tea towels, plastic containers, cake, biscuits you name it, it's all fair game for an IS.Did you forget to feed them????
Ah, she thought : ' I am in a different home, my Mum is away, let see what I can get away with ?' Irish are very mischievous, that is why we love them!
She can have a tiny slice with her dinner tonight!  They are very good really just real theives!

I know how you feel! No food  is safe anywhere in our house,even the fridge had to be locked when we had Maggie although the others haven't learnt that trick...yet!

I discovered, yesterday, that whenever my wife has cheese on toast she does the dogs  some too and I never knew! We are all really big softies when it comes to our lovely dogs.

Arthur has taught himself to open the back door.He has a dog flap,which I think he is getting too big to use.I found the door inexplicably open and then  I watched him,he put his paw on the handle and pushed down and he was out.Clever! The others have never done that .

Howard I had to laugh about the beef!!! Typical IS isn't it?????!!! One of mine, Jack, does the same trick as Arthur with the doors,  his nickname is houdini as he can seem to open any door and even the childgate that I have between the kitchen and living room!! He is a fresh air fiend and always opens the back door unless I lock it, he doesn't want to go out just likes the door open!!
Ooooh, a Reddins thief eh? It certainly runs in the family then as my 2yr old Reuben is a Reddins boy and he is a sod for counter surfing. I am just glad he hasn't figured out how to get into the fridge (yet)!!!
I think they must be litter brother/sisters,  My friends two girls were 2 years in February.
that was Molly's trick a few weeks ago. Took the meat and left the plastic which covered it on the plate.
l had a few years ago meat missing from my chest freezer........thought  person was stealing it,,,than heard one day a muffled noise coming from the shed  .and there was my Goldings boy  stuck half way into the freezer with the lid on his back    with a packet of food in his mouth   thereafter the freezer was always locked ,he was always kept on a diet because of a weight problem and that day l found out why!!!  love him
When we moved to the Isle of Wight about thirty years ago we had three reds and one red and white. We lived in a caravan for three months whilst waiting for the sale of our house to be finalised. One evening we took three of the dogs to show training and left Ivy behind as she was in season. The caravan only had a small baby belling oven with a drop down door. When we came back there was a very clean plate on the floor. I was a bit bemused but picked it up and put it in the sink. Later on I thought it would be nice to have a cold chicken sandwich for supper. Said chicken had been left in the cooker on a plate!!!!!! What I couldn't understand was how she managed to close the oven door after herself. Then there was the whole packet of chocloate biscuits, the almost entire Stilton cheese on Christmas day, the Bailey's chocolates and probably many more things. It must have run in the family because her son Peter was caught removing the chocolate decorations from the Christmas tree. Leaving the foil wrappings dangly from the branches. Very ingenious. I loved them both and miss them to this day. I also had a cat once which arrived home with a whole cooked chicken one Sunday morning - still hot!!!!!




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